Quiz: Can You Put These Disney Outfits in Chronological Order?

Most Disney characters have an iconic outfit or two. For example, Aladdin has his signature vest and fez, or Lilo has her tropical print muumuu. When we actually sit down to watch a movie, however, we sometimes forget how many great outfits a Disney character can wear in just one film. Today, we’re challenging you to not only remember these outfits but to remember when said outfits pop up in the movies they correspond to.

Fill in your answer by typing the letters labeling each outfit in order (e.g. “ABCD” “DACB” etc). Some outfits appear multiple times in a movie, so make sure you only count the first time the outfit shows up!

How did you fare? Tell us in the comments and share with friends to see if they can order them all.

Posted 4 years Ago
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