How Many Ways Can Disney Characters Wear: Oversized Bows

A little while ago, I came across a cute, large bow in a light shade of blue and, as many Disney fans are wont to do, I caught myself trying to place which Disney character it reminded me of. “Belle, of course,” my train of thought began, before instantly veering off track to, “No—Wendy!”, “Wait—Ariel during ‘Kiss the Girl’?”, and quickly thereafter “…maybe Toulouse?!” I’d never given it much thought until that moment, but the fact that there are a lot of characters that wear large bows in the Disney universe is incontrovertible.

Expanding my scope to include large bows of every shape and color, I’ve set about answering the question of just how many ways can Disney characters wear this versatile accessory.

Snow White

Disney - Oversized Bows

The first of the Disney Princesses to wear a hair bow (also, the first of the Disney Princesses period), Snow White is a natural, using it as a cute and functional way to tie off her red headband. Extra props go to her color coordination here, as she matches the bow to her lips and the accents on her sleeves.


Disney - Oversized Bows - Wendy

Used to pull her hair back into a half-ponytail, Wendy’s hair bow is one of my favorites. Rounded on the edges and youthfully oversized, it sits neatly over her perfectly coiffed curls, adding to her vintage style.


Disney - Oversized Bows - Alice

Alice’s bow headband is one that’s making a serious comeback and for good reason. This simple black knot gives her style a romantic edge and starkly contrasts her bright blonde hair, also balancing out the pastel color scheme of her outfit.


Disney - Oversized Bows Cinderella

Cinderella’s DIY ball outfit features more large bows than we can count. Here, Cinderella displays two ways to wear this cute style detail, wearing one atop her head as an adornment on her headband and another as a bold accent on the bodice of her dress, reminding us all that bows aren’t just for hair.

Marie, Berlioz, and Toulouse

Disney - Oversized Bows - Marie

These three kitties are the epitome of “squad goals,” showing us three different ways to wear a simple bow. Toulouse wears one as a more traditional bow tie, while Berlioz sports a thinner ribbon for a subtler look. Marie takes the cake, donning a bow as both an elegant necktie and a small accent for her hair.


Disney - Oversized Bows - Belle

Is there a blue bow more iconic than Belle’s? Topping off her French countryside-chic ensemble brilliantly, her blue bow adds a pop of color to her understated low ponytail, functioning as both hair-tie and hair accessory.

Disney - Oversized Bows Gaston

Given Gaston’s choice of proposal-wear accessories, I have a feeling we’re not the only ones that noticed Belle’s appreciation for bows. Just get a look at that hair and neck tie!

Miss Bianca

Disney - Oversized Bows Bianca

In a charming bit of style invention, Miss Bianca creates a large bow out of the ends of her shawl, showing off her expert ability to add a unique touch of class to each of her ensembles.


Disney - Oversized Bows - Jesse

Ever enthusiastic about going above and beyond, Jesse’s energy and vivacious wit applies to her hair styles as well. She finishes off her iconic single braid with a bright yellow bow, as sunny as the cowgirl that sports it.

Charlotte La Bouff

Disney - Oversized Bows - Charlotte

Unlike most of the characters on this list, Lottie skips the hair bow and instead features a bow prominently on her ball gown. Its bright shade of pink and huge size adds even more ornament and youthful vibes to this Southern belle’s outfit.


Disney - Oversized Bows - Ariel

Ariel may not be able to talk in this memorable scene from The Little Mermaid, but her fashion speaks volumes. At once practical and cute, it pulls her hair out of her face and contrasts her hair’s red hue brilliantly.

Minnie Mouse

Disney - Oversized Bows - Minnie

When it comes to large bows and Disney, no list would be complete without the fashionista mouse that started it all: Minnie! Known for her bows in countless patterns and colors, she knows how to stick to a fashion accessory while creatively reimagining it, time and time again.

Which Disney character bow is your favorite? Share in the comments!

Posted 4 years Ago
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