How To Wear The New Scarf Trend, The Disney Way

It might be summer, but there is a scarf trend afoot, and it’s a major one.

Miss Bianca Rescuers 2

The main reason I wanted to write this little homage to the current scarf trend is because it’s a style I’ve been a fan of for years: the old pocket square or handkerchief scarf worn as a tie or bandana. It’s an odd fit if you’re new to it–it’s kind of like having a jaunty little tie, more along the lines of a necklace than a voluminous looped scarf. That might be why it’s so perfect for summer.

Of course Jack Kelly knows how to rock this trend, it’s got a touch of Santa Fe to it, obviously.


Then, I knew it was a thing when Disney Style friend and all around extremely cool person Leslie Kay of DisneyBound stopped by DisneyBounding as Dodger. She was rocking the current scarf trend as an homage to Dodger, who of course wore it first, because he’s arguably the coolest.


Leslie knows what’s up, and if she’s embracing the scarf tie trend, then it has officially arrived. But this trend is a little trickier to achieve than scarf trends of past. Here’s how to nail it.


The Scarf

There’s a chance that you might not have the right scarf on hand to get started on this one. Most scarves off the rack are the long skinny type, perfect for wrapping around your neck a few times. For this trend, you actually need a square piece of fabric, somewhere between twenty and thirty inches.

Though scarves of that size and squareness are plentiful, larger pocket squares or vintage handkerchiefs also work wonderfully. Raid a relative’s closet or vintage stores for super cool patterns. I got my favorite square scarf at an estate sale that Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere had when she moved, no joke.

Urban Outfitters was nice enough to start selling perfectly sized square scarfs in a bunch of versatile colors like this one below (it looks exactly like Dodger’s). Thanks, guys!

Red scarf dodger

Pro tip: If you can’t find a square in a color you like, head to a fabric store and look at the quilting squares. Buying a foot of fabric and cutting it to size is super inexpensive and allows you to get creative with your color and pattern choices.


This is also a little trickier than the normal scarf tie procedure. To start, you need to get the square into a long line that can be wrapped and tied into a knot. To do this, you have to first lay the scarf flat, then fold one corner in about two to three inches. Take that folded bit and fold again, continuing until the entire scarf is one long roll.

Depending on how tight and neat or loose and disheveled you want to look, you can roll the scarf more or less loose–I like mine somewhere in the middle. The tighter it is, the easier it is to tie around your neck, like Mulan:




Also like Mulan, you can ditch the rolling step and just fold in half once, creating a triangle. Wrap the triangle scarf around your neck so that the long side is around your neck, with the widest point on your back, like a tiny cape. Tie the ends around your neck, leaving the extra in the back.

What do you think about this new scarf look?

Posted 4 years Ago
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