The Best Fashion Emojis You Can Collect From Disney Emoji Blitz

If you aren’t playing Disney’s Emoji Blitz yet, it’s probably time to start. The fun new matching game allows you to win emojis to add to your Disney emoji keyboard, making it that much more exciting to play (insert Minnie with heart eyes emoji). It’s not only filled with the most adorable Disney and Disney•Pixar characters, but also includes some of our favorite character clothing, shoes, and accessories. Each level tasks you with missions to collect new emoji items including Princess outfits, character shoes, and plenty more. They’re as cute and as sweet as can be! Take a look at some of our favorites:


Collect Anna and Elsa’s coronation dresses, complete with floral embroidery and shining sequins. We’re not exactly sure when we would use Elsa’s glove emoji, but love that they exist and can’t wait to win them.

Frozen Emojis

Disney Princess Dresses

Our obsession with the Princess dresses on hangers is beyond normal. There’s definitely a “gotta have them all” feeling with these. In this set, we have Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Aurora, Snow White, Tiana, Pocahontas, Rapunzel, and Mulan.

Emoji Dresses


Minnie Mouse

What would the game be without iconic Minnie pieces? You can win her classic polka dot bow and flippy skirt, daisy-adorned pillbox hat, and signature yellow pumps.

Minnie Emojis

Mickey Mouse

Mickey’s iconic parts also made the game, and his gloves recreate many of the hand symbols to fulfill our emoji affirmation needs.

mickey emojis

Character Shoes

Classic Disney shoes were given a punchy and vibrant upgrade in Emoji Blitz. Tink’s pom-pom shoes, Cinderella’s glass slippers and Genie’s shoes are some of our favorite shoes from the game.

Shoe Emojis

Park Accessories

Nothing says “I’m at Disneyland!” better than a Mickey Mouse hat emoji! You definitely want to get these before your next visit to the Parks!

Park Emojis

Alice in Wonderland

Alice’s dress with midi apron and the Mad Hatter’s 10/6 top hat are must-wins.

Alice emojis

Donald Duck

We’re gushing over how cute Donald’s tunic is in miniature emoji size.

Donald Duck emojis

Woody’s Accessories

Woody’s emojis are some of the rootinest tootinest of them all. His signature hat and boots make an appearance after a few levels.

woody accessories

Monsters, Inc.

Since a few Monsters Inc. characters play a large role in the game, it’s only natural that symbols from the film be part of Emoji Blitz. The hard hat, Randall’s glasses from Monsters University, and Roz’s glasses are some of our favorites.

monsters inc emojis


Zootopia came out just in time for the release of Disney Emoji Blitz. We love Judy’s police badge and hat, as they’re crucial in completing a Judy Hopps DisneyBound look.

Zootopia Emojis

You can now download Disney Emoji Blitz on iOS and Google Apple Play. Start collecting the cuteness today!

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