Tangled Minnie Ears

Looking at the calendar earlier this week, we were recently struck by a realization, both surprising and a little disquieting: we are almost half way through summer. As school supplies flood the stores we frequent and we unpack our bags after fun family trips, we’re fighting the impending end of summer blues with DIY Minnie ears based on a movie as bright and fun as these precious care-free months: Tangled!

Inspired by Rapunzel’s iconic braid and her kingdom’s sun-shaped crest, this set of ears will keep you feeling sunny year-round. Gather up some easy-to-find supplies to get started on this DIY. Note that some of the techniques used to develop this set of ears might take some practice, so we’ve suggested simple switches throughout!

DIY - Minnie Ears 1

Left Ear

a. Bunch three strands of light yellow tulle and weave them into a loose braid.

b. Curl the braid onto one of your Minnie Ears and attach it using a needle and thread (or glue gun, if you prefer a no-sew method).

c. Lastly, arrange small fake flowers onto your braid. If they’re part of a larger stem, cut them down to size. We liked the look of leaving small leaves on the flowers, for an extra natural look.

DIY - Minnie Ears Rapunzel

Right Ear

d. For your base, cut two purple circles from your felt roughly equal in size to your Minnie ears and sew (or hot glue) to either side of your ear. To add an extra bit of texture, wrap the ear with a bit of purple tulle, as pictured.

e. Next, cut small purple strip of felt into a banner shape and use your paints to apply a sun shape in the center. We mixed whites and yellows to give it a rough painterly style reminiscent of Rapunzel’s murals.

f. Optional: Use a ribbon of your choice to wrap the strap of your headband. For our set of ears, we used a lavender shade of ribbon and added a soft yellow bow and accents. When you reach the end of your headband, fold over the edge of your ribbon and sew (or glue) in place for a neat finish.

You’re ready to run to the parks and enjoy the best day ever!

How will you style your Tangled inspired ears? Tell us in the comments and make sure to tag us #DisneyStyle on Instagram to share your Minnie masterpiece!

Posted 4 years Ago
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