What Disney Princes Would Wear Today, Part 2

We’re just going to admit it: We love menswear. The tailored suits, the rugged accessories, the pocket squares—there’s style inspiration as far as the eye can see. And after preparing a few ensembles for our “What Disney Princes Would Wear Today” post, we realized there were still so many leading men in Disney movies with style left to explore.

We’ve combined our love of menswear with our love for Disney’s leading men, and prepared a second round of outfits, inspired by their original fashions.


Modern Prince - Kristoff

Kristoff might not have been born royalty, but he’s the king of layering. Donning an outfit specially suited for his work of ice harvesting, Kristoff’s outfit includes a shirt and tunic, featuring extra-warm lining, and snow-friendly boots. For a modern interpretation of his classic Nordic wear, we’ve paired a thick button-up, a down jacket, rugged jeans and sleek boots—all matching his original grey color scheme.

The Prince

Modern Prince The Prince

One could say that The Prince, from the very first Disney film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, defined classic prince style with his puffy blouse, cape, tunic, and tights. Interpreting such a romantic style through a contemporary lens takes something of a creative leap, but we’ve used its overall color scheme and air of tradition to assemble a fashion-forward look, complete with a vest, trousers, button up, and suspenders. Its smaller details—the dagger tie pin and apple cuff links—offer a subtle nod to his original ensemble.

The Beast

Modern Prince Beast

Before meeting Belle, Beast is something of a rebellious loner—an intimidating outsider with a heart of gold. Inspired by his persona, we’ve put together a look we happily imagine him rocking. A leather jacket, white button-up and low boots combine to give him a fashionable edge , while the accessories ensure he looks put together. Of course, we had to include a traditional shaving kit. We’re sure it’d get plenty of use.

John Smith

Modern Prince John Smith

This explorer wears lightweight armor for most of Pocahontas. For a more current look, we thought he deserved an outfit befitting a modern outdoorsman. We’ve included a rugged denim button up, simple grey sweatshirt, and durable army-green jacket with several pockets for carrying gear. The durable watch and belt would definitely withstand a camping trip or two.


Modern Prince - Hercules

It’s hard to deny that, were Hercules present in the modern world, he’d be that guy at the gym—benching more weight than anyone else present and making it look effortless all the while. Influenced by his humble personality (and major muscles), we’ve created a casual look for this demigod—featuring a tank top, modern sandals, and a bracelet with ancient-styled beading.

Have we missed any leading Disney men you’d love to see modernized? Tell us in the comments!


Posted 4 years Ago
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