If We Could Shop Mary Poppins’ Wardrobe, Here’s What We’d Need

We know we’re not alone when we say that Mary Poppins has some of the best costumes in Disney history. Her style may be a bit on the conservative side, but it contains unique details and accessories that were popular then and are completely wearable today. Alongside her adorable wit and charming blue eyes comes a feminine style that’s sophisticated and sweet. We’ve broken down her wardrobe to some of the best pieces that we’d love to own ourselves:

Sheer Sleeve Dress

Designers often play with transparency in their collections, making the sheer trend a reoccurring concept over the years. Mary Poppins’ white sheer sleeve dress gives her a ladylike look that’s beautiful and angelic, and easily a closet collectable.


Black Nanny Hat

Ok, we’re not saying that Mary’s hat is something we would necessarily go grocery shopping in (it has twigs and cherries in it, after all!), but it’s certainly a hat you need to complete a Mary Poppins DisneyBound look. You can pick up a black boater hat and DIY your own to top off the perfect inspired look.

Mary Poppins Bow Tie

Cameo Pendant Necklace

Mary knows that wearing a statement necklace around your button-up collar, a trend bloggers and trendsetters are often seen sporting, is quite fashionable. You can find authentic vintage pendants like hers at flea markets and designer consignment retailers.


Oversized Carpet Bag

Everyone knows that Mary Poppins put carpet bags on the map. They’re hard to come by these days, particularly in this size, but it seems like the perfect weekender for a vintage junkie.
Mary Poppins Accessories

Red Cutaway Jacket

Mary’s blazer fits in with popular fall colors, and with a wide capelet collar, is a sophisticated look with a sweet silhouette.

Mary Poppins

Floral Compact Mirror

She even has a compact disc that matches her look. While this isn’t part of her wardrobe, it’s definitely something we would want in our carpet bags.
mary poppins compact disc
Needless to explain, Mary Poppins has a timeless wardrobe that will provide nostalgia and inspiration to fashion forever.

Posted 3 years Ago
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