4 Tips and Tricks for Easy Disney Cosplay

If you’re cued into the world of pop culture, gaming, movies or television, you’ve probably heard of Comic-Con, the international convention that takes place yearly in San Diego. And if you’ve heard of Comic-Con, you’ve probably heard of the costumes. Each year, fans arrive decked out in creative ensembles of their own creations and participate in Disney cosplay that often look as good as their original counterparts.

For a first timer, the size and scope of the convention (not to mention, the company of professional costumers) can be a little intimidating, so we’ve rounded a few easy tips to get you started—because all fans deserve to enjoy the fun of channeling their favorite characters for a day.

Pick a character you love

Comic Con Disney Character Ideas

First things first, there’s no replacing enthusiasm. Picking a character you know well and love will make it easy for you to get creative and motivate you to do your best. Furthermore, wearing a costume to Comic-Con is not only an invitation for people to photograph you in costume, it’s a way to become a walking billboard for the movie/show/character you love and is bound to invite conversation with fellow fans.

Work with what you have

Comic Con Disney Ideas 2

When you’re pressed for time, making the best of the clothes and accessories you have on-hand is essential—and may even add a personal flair to your outfit. By keeping your costume’s broad style, silhouette, and color scheme in mind, you can worry less about the nit picky details and focus more on creating an outfit you’re comfortable and happy in. For instance, not everyone has a pair of Han Solo’s striped pants sitting around—but if you have a long length of yellow or red ribbon, a pair of dark jeans, and a needle and thread, you might as well! Do you own a blue dress? Add an apron, a blue headband, and grab a kitten plush doll and you’re set for a casual Alice Cosplay.

Use props when you can

Comic Con Disney Ideas 3

Never underestimate the power of a good prop; it can take a casual outfit and transform it into an extraordinary costume. Have a blue dress on hand? Add an apron, a stack of books, and a basket—and you’re Belle! A purple top and green skirt? Grab a fork and seashell and you’re instantly Ariel! Props will create fun conversation pieces while you’re waiting in line and add special details you can share with the fellow fans you meet at the convention. Just make sure they’re easy to carry!

Have fun with it!

With such a broad range of costumes and fans attending the convention, it’s impossible to recognize all the costumes you see walking the convention floor, or in photosets online; the smiles and fun times being had, however? They’re unmistakable! Join in by having as much fun with your costume as you can.

Posted 4 years Ago
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