From the Purse of: Cruella de Vil

A purse affords such intimate insight into the life of the person holding it, that our trend of featuring mostly heroines for our “From the Purse of” series is pretty understandable. Characters like Belle and Ariel do—after all—feel like such close friends that imagining what they’d carry on their various outings makes for a fun adventure in and of itself.

But what about the villains? What would their purses reveal about their wicked personalities? We’ve featured Ursula and the Queen of Hearts and now we’re back with what we’d imagine to be the modern contents of Cruella de Vil’s purse. Take a look and see if you’d agree!

From the Purse Of - Cruella

Cruella admits she lives for and worships furs, so first things first, we’ve included a faux fur pom we’d imagine her adding to any purse for a touch of her favorite texture. Though she’s best known for her black and white color scheme, we rarely see Cruella without her teal statement ring—an accessory we imagine she keeps tucked away in her handbag for safe keeping while she’s not wearing it.

Much like Ursula, this devious diva is all about her lipstick We’ve included a bold shade of red to match her gloves and shoes, as well as a small compact mirror for on-the-go application, or random moments of vanity. Lastly, what would Cruella be without her checkbook? Seen in One Hundred and One Dalmatians, when Cruella offers to buy Perdita and Pongo’s pups, this chic checkbook cover and teal fountain pen would likely earn her approval.

What else do you think Cruella would carry with her? Share in the comments and check out the rest of our “From the Purse Of” series, here.

Posted 4 years Ago
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