Disney Character Capsule Wardrobe: Jasmine

A handful of things come to mind when we think of Jasmine: Her brave defiance, her quick wit, her curiosity—and, of course, the turquoise blue ensemble she wears while singing “A Whole New World.” Reflecting on Aladdin as a whole however, we realized there was so much more to Jasmine’s wardrobe than we’d first remembered. Geometric accessories, colorful gems, rich fabrics, and curled-toe flats combine to form this princess’ unique style and we’re seriously wishing we could get our hands on it as a collection.

We’ve rounded up our favorites into a dream closet and mixed-and-matched its contents to create new takes on her familiar wardrobe.

Jasmine Capsule Wardrobe

With her wardrobe brimming with accessories and bright colors, Jasmine’s closet fits perfectly into contemporary fashion’s ’90s revival trends. Matching her red bandeau top to her blue harem pants and and gold necklace, we’ve created an outfit that looks straight out of an American Apparel catalogue. Her off-the-shoulder crop top paired with a midi skirt creates a similarly vintage look, while her brown frock and geometric drop earrings evoke timeless boho-chic.

Jasmine Capsule Wardrobe outfits

What pieces of Jasmine’s wardrobe would you mix and match? Do you have a favorite? Join in the conversation on the comments and tell us what you think!

Posted 4 years Ago
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