All the Fashion You May Have Missed in Robin Hood

Robin Hood - Full Outfit

Growing up, Robin Hood was, hands down, one of my favorite movies. Enchanted by Robin’s wit, Marian’s kindness, and Prince John’s comically childish presence, I could (and would) re-watch regularly—oo-de-lally-ing my way into an adulthood full of Disney films, and most relevantly, a fondness for fashions inspired by those movies. Having not seen Robin Hood in far too long, I went back to the source and noticed fashion elements I couldn’t believe I’d forgotten.

Scroll through for a shared blast to the past. You may even find some you’d never noticed, too.


Robin Hood - Kerchiefs

It’s easy to look at Robin and Little John’s fortune teller disguises and see them as little more than that–disguises, humorously thrown on to trick Prince John. Stepping back and appreciating the fashion in the scene as a whole however, a trend emerges in the form of fabulous headscarves. John opts for red, while Robin sports spots.

Oversized Bows

Robin Hood - Oversized Bows

Skippy and Sis may be typical, quibbling siblings, but their inadvertent coordination on the bow front is singular (and simply punderful). Sis wraps her ears in a large pink bow, while Skippy channels his hero, Robin Hood, with a too-large cap and archer’s bow.

Hats and Round Glasses Galore

Robin Hood - Round Glasses

Robin Hood - Round Glasses Toby Turtle

We recently noticed that there were a lot of hats in The Aristocats. In Robin Hood, the same seems to apply to the winning combination of unique hats and round glasses. Mother Rabbit and Robin Hood himself offer variations of this pairing, though, in my personal opinion, there’s no topping Toby Turtle.

Elegant Gentleman …

Robin Hood - Prince John Accessories On POINT

We probably all know Prince John is a stylish dresser. Judging by his admiring gaze into a mirror, he definitely knows it, too. His plentiful accessories (including a crown and matching rings) cement his status as one of the film’s most dapper gentleman. However, one of Little John’s many disguises—Sir Reginald—gives the prince a run for his money. Just look at the plumage on that hat!

Robin Hood - Little John Dapper

… and Elegant Gentlewomen

Robin Hood - Maid Marian

Of course, we’d be remiss not to mention Maid Marian. Her style and panache was unlikely to be missed by anyone that’s seen the movie, but we had to pay special homage to some of her finer details, beginning with Marian and Lady Kluck’s elegant sportswear.

Robin Hood - Badminton

Badminton never looked so stylish—nor did batting eyelashes. Revisiting the film, we noticed a few frames, zoomed in on her larger than life eyes and were amazed by her lashes. Though it’d be hard to replicate her wide-eyed wonder, we think we have just the thing to get the look yourself.

Robin Hood - Maid Marian Mascara

Unique, Regal Style

Robin Hood - King

The appearance of King Richard is undoubtedly a high point. I mean this terms of both story and style, for the King’s effortless blend of formal and casual wear. Though wearing a much simpler crown than John’s, he adds a huge gold chain over his royal bib, then finishes his look off with what definitely look like Birkenstock sandals. I definitely hadn’t noticed this the first several times I’d watched Robin Hood, and it’s not something I’ll soon forget.

… and Less Regal Style

Robin Hood - Little John Shirtdress

Speaking of unforgettable looks, here we have Prince John in his pajama shirtdress. Though this outfit was probably intended to have a comical effect, I’d assert that, with a simple leather belt, it’d make for  a fabulous day dress.

The End

Robin Hood - Wedding

Of all of Robin’s many costume changes and disguises, this one has to be my favorite. His simple green tunic—and Marian’s simple, stylish wedding gown—are almost as cute as the expression on their faces.

What’s your favorite bit of style from Robin Hood? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

Posted 4 years Ago
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