DIY: Inside Out Bottle Cap Mood Pins


One of the best things about Disney-inspired accessories is that they broadcast your interests to the world, helping you identify fellow fans and spark conversation. This is plenty in and of itself, but what if an accessory could communicate even more? We’ve created an Inside Out-inspired DIY that will let you do just that: bottle cap mood pins.

Featuring each of the emotions from the Disney•Pixar film, these pins let you make the ultimate statement. Wear Sadness on blue days, Joy when you’re euphoric, Disgust when it’s your day to do chores—or mix and match them to represent the array of emotions that make you, you!

DIY - Inside Out Pins

Download the stencil here

a. Once you’ve gathered your supplies, cut out character images in your desired size. The stencil (linked above) comes with several sizes. Choose the one that fits your bottle cap best.

b. Before placing your character image onto your bottle cap, you’ll need a base layer to ensure that your design keeps its bright color. Make this by cutting out a white paper disk slightly larger than your bottle cap.

c. Once you have your character cutout and white base layer cut and ready, coat your bottle cap in Mod Podge. Place the white disk upon your cap, add another layer of Mod Podge over the white paper. Before it dries, place your character cutout onto the bottle cap, then coat once more with Mod Podge. Let dry for at least 2 hours.

DIY - Inside Out Pins 2

d. Once your bottle cap has dried, you’re ready to prepare the backing. Take your soda can tab and insert a safety pin as pictured above.

e. Using pliers, fold down the ridged edge of the bottle cap. This will hold your soda can tab firmly in place. Repeat steps a-e for each of your characters until you have a complete set.

They’re now ready to wear!

DIY - Inside Out Pins 3

Don’t be afraid to experiment and alter the tutorial for each character. We wrapped the edges of our Fear bottle cap into a rectangular shape to complement his longer face, and gave our Anger button a rounded square shape.

What will you do with yours? Get creative and make sure to tag your creations #DisneyStyle to share your work.


Posted 4 years Ago
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