8 Style Lessons from The Aristocats

Set in Paris at the turn of the 20th century and featuring all the delightful fashions associated with the era, The Aristocats is hardly a surprising choice for style inspiration. Many of us probably remember Madame’s ornate outfits, Duchess’ gem-encrusted collar and Marie’s iconic bows. But Georges’ pom-pom boutonnière? Roquefort’s deerstalker rain hat? Upon revisiting this Disney classic, we were bowled over by the veritable gold mine we found waiting.

Recognizing that the fashionistas in this film have so much to teach us, we’ve compiled a list of nine style lessons they’ve inspired.

1. Hats: Everyone needs one.

Aristocats Hats

And we mean everyone. Within three minutes of watching this film, we began tallying the hats to see if it was, in fact, a trend and were hardly disappointed. Be it a bonnet or top hat, fedora or bowler, each character donned headwear perfectly suited to his or her personality and that level of variety and specificity has us clamoring to find our own unique looks ourselves.

2. Say more with less.

Aristocats Accessories

Though turn-of-the-century Paris was known for its ornate accessories and structured outfits, a few characters in the Aristocats remind us of that timeless fashion axiom: less is more. Here, Duchess dons a high-necked, blue collar that matches her eyes, while Georges—the ever eccentric lawyer—sports a pom-pom boutonnière that reminds us of designer bag charms that have spiked in popularity.

3. Suspenders: Not just for holding pants up.

Aristocats Suspenders

Speaking of Georges’ eccentric antics, he revealed something spectacular about suspenders—namely, their scene-stealing ability to stretch incredible lengths. Sure, we all know they can hold pants up, but Georges proves they can also hold up eccentric old lawyers and we are so grateful for the hilarity that ensues. Though we don’t recommend trying this particular stunt at home, we can certainly encourage following in Edgar’s footsteps when it comes to choosing the color of his accessory; here, he rocks a bold shade of pink. Given how popular colorful socks are in current menswear, Edgar was truly ahead of the curve on the bright accessories front.

4. Be your own biggest fan.

Aristocats Biggest Fan

If you take any single style lesson from The Aristocats–or any style advice, really—let it be this: good style is what makes you feel your personal best, and the first step to achieving any good look is by being your own biggest fan. As a confident kitten, positively brimming with ‘cattitude,’ Marie inspires us to celebrate our own splendor—and therein inspire others to do the same.

5. Style knows no age.

Aristocats Older

A retired opera singer intent upon leaving her inheritance to her pets, it’s safe to say Madame is living all our wildest fantasies. She dresses impeccably, has a flair for great poses, and delights in good music and good company. All the more impressively, she does this at an age far older than your typical Disney heroine. Madame teaches us that style only gets better with age.

6. Siblings that accessorize together, stay together.

Aristocats Siblings

Siblings often complain about being dressed alike. The siblings in The Aristocats prove that it can be done in style. Wearing slightly varying accessories, they dress in a way that both defines them as a unit, but also accentuates their fur color and personalities. Talk about #squadgoals.

7. Proper garment care is essential.

Aristocats Garment Care

Say what you will about Edgar—the man knows how to maintain a polished look. Pictured here ironing his coat-tails, Edgar proves that the 10 to 20 minutes it takes to iron your clothes are an investment that pays off by signaling to your employer just how seriously you take your job and yourself. Just make sure to skip the cat-napping portion of his morning routine.

8. Eyewear can be practical and stylish.

Aristocats Glasses

Safety goggles and reading glasses play an important role in eye care. These characters exemplify ways to take care of yourself in style. Edgar wears something akin to a cat-eye frame, while Georges opts for bifocals that accentuate his eyes, to say the least.

Do you have a favorite style moment or fashion lesson you’ve gleaned from The Aristocats? Let us know in the comments.

Posted 4 years Ago
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