Disney Character Capsule Wardrobe: Miss Bianca

Today, we’re remembering the ever-stylish Miss Bianca—the daring heroine from The Rescuers,  that deserves a spotlight of her own. Frequently sporting chic coats, scarves, and those unforgettable pillbox hats, her style exudes a timeless elegance and we’ve taken it upon ourselves to arrange her fashion highlights into a mini-capsule collection.

Imagine mixing-and-matching its contents into new ensembles to inspire your own looks for the week.

Miss Bianca Capsule Wardrobe 1

Bianca tends to color code her outfits with impressive rigor. We’ve tried mixing things up with some new combinations.

Miss Bianca Capsule Wardrobe 2

Do you have a favorite item from her wardrobe? Tell us in the comments and share your own ideas for outfits.

Posted 4 years Ago
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