How to Become the Ultimate DCOM Fashionista

With all the buzz about the 100 Disney Channel Original Movies, is anyone else getting a little closet envy? Between Johnny Tsunami’s totally ’90s shirts and Zenon’s futuristic style, we’re thinking it’s time to bring back some DCOM trends. Since they say fashion has a way of repeating itself, it’s time to recreate some of their amazing looks. Follow these simple style steps to becoming the ultimate DCOM fashionista:

  1. Scrunchies, people. Scrunchies.
    HalloweentownThe most basic of DCOM fashionistas know that scrunchies are a must. Mix a colored scrunchy into your summer beach style for a messy hair, don’t care vibe.
  2. Wear everyday Hawaiian prints.
    GeniusA floral Hawaiian shirt isn’t just for island vacations. Mix the hibiscus print into your daily wardrobe.
  3. Don’t miss the oversized vest memo.
    Luck of the IrishA popular trend in several different DCOMs is layering, specifically with oversized vests. If you want to be an ultimate DCOM fashionista, this is a crucial trend to follow.
  4. Sequins are a must.
    Let it ShineA true DCOM fashionista isn’t afraid to wear sequins any time. No matter where you are you always want to shine.
  5. Add flair to your hair.
    Get a ClueDCOM fashionistas are often seen wearing streaks of bright colors in their hair (bonus points for putting them into buns). We’re certain that if you’re able to rock this look, you’re sure to turn heads!
  6. Rock a Jansport backpack.
    Gotta Kick It UpTrendy backpacks aren’t your thing. As a DCOM fashionista, you take your Jansport backpack everywhere.
  7. Break fashion rules and push limits.
    Wizards of waverlyLike Alex and Gabriella, you don’t conform to the standard denim “belt loop” design. You’re a daredevil who wears belts outside the loops.
    high school musical b
  8. Don’t be afraid to express yourself.
    HSMWe mean this quite literally. You wear graphic t-shirts with statements and expressions that may or may not have anything to do with your actual mood.
  9. Idolize Sharpay Evans’ style.
    SharpayShe’s the queen of cool and the epitome of DCOM fashion. Who else could pull off a tube dress over jeans and a gold metallic beret while carrying an orange pillbox purse? If you’re an ultimate DCOM fashionista, maybe you?
  10. Pigtails are a must.
    Zenon 90sWhether you tie them with gold tinsel scrunchies or silver metallic slinkies, if you’re a DCOM fashionista, you are no stranger to pigtails. (More bonus points for mixing and matching your clothes with your BFF.)

Which DCOM style are you still rocking? Tell us in the comments below!

Be sure to watch the 100th DCOM Adventures In Babysitting tonight at 8|7c on Disney Channel!

Posted 2 years Ago
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