What Disney Princes Would Wear Today

We spend plenty of time thinking about Disney heroines—regularly imagining outfits and accessories inspired by their every ensemble. It’s been a while, however, since we turned our attention to their princely counterparts. Recognizing that menswear trends are alive and well in both men’s and women’s fashion, we’re rectifying our lapse in hero coverage by imagining what the Disney princes would wear today.

Scroll through and see if you agree.

Flynn Rider

Modern Prince Flynn
Shirt: River Island; Boots: Caterpillar Abe; Pants: DSQUARED2; Beanie: Burton; Passport Holder: ESTIE; Belt: UNIQLO; Sunglasses: Ray Ban; Messenger Bag: Boconi Bryant

Given the mix of fabric textures in his ensemble and variety of gear that Flynn totes around, it seems only natural that he’d wear a mix of stylish and sporty pieces today. We’ve given him a casual baseball tee, cargo pants, and boots as his base, and added a variety of accessories—including a passport holder for his many travels and a satchel for his treasures.


Modern Prince Aladdin
Vest: Kooples; Shirt: Banana Republic; Pants: Lands End; Sunglasses: Harrods; Shoes: Aquatalia; Pocket Square: Hermes; Bracelet: Ted Baker; Watch: Emporio Armani

Ever witty and charismatic, Aladdin is a resourceful character that deserves a stylish makeover for the modern day. We’ve kept his signature vest and given him a simple white button up, as well as an array of accessories. Though the shoes are a drastic change from his barefoot look, we’re imagining him buying in to the sock-less dress shoe trend.

Prince Eric

Modern Prince Eric
Shirt: Banana Republic; Pants: McQ; Boots: Aquatalia; Watch: Lord and Taylor; Belt: 40 Colori; Leash: Will Leather; Wallet: Herschel

Prince Eric, with his white button up and blue trousers, had chic, sailor style down pat. Imagining what he’d look like today, we’ve swapped his basic white button up for a sturdy denim top and modernized his knee length boots with a shorter pair. We added a nautical themed wallet and a leash for his canine buddy.


Modern Prince Li Shang
Headphones: Adidas; Pants: McQ; Shirt: Nike; Duffel: Nike; Shoes: Nike; Wrist Bands: Underarmour

Shang would totally be into the crossfit and athleisure trends. We imagine him ditching his heavy armor and dressing in hip exercise clothes—like these baggy joggers, slim fit jacket, and shoes perfect for training. We added some headphones and dumbbells so that he can get down to business.

Prince Phillip

Modern Prince Phillip
Trench: Burberry; Shoes: Lanvin; Pants: Gucci; Shirt: Marc Jacobs; Watch: Lacoste; Hat: Topman; Sunglasses: Ray Ban; Keychain: Shinola

Is it just us, or is Prince Phillip one of the best dressed princes? We’ve mixed casual wear with formal dress, trading his red hat for a modern baseball cap and tunic for a slim cut trench coat. Given that we’re more likely to have cars than horses these days, we’ve included a keychain in the place of Samson’s reins.

Prince Charming

Modern Prince Prince Charming
Pants: Burberry; Shirt: Scotch & Soda; Jacket: Lands’ End; Shoes: Kenneth Cole; Tie: Davidoff Clou de Paris; Tie Clip: Tiffany & Co.; Sunglasses: Saint Laurent; Watch: A. Lange & Sohne; Cuffs: Paul Smith

Prince Charming’s formal uniform is a tough one to translate with precision today. Rather than create a one-to-one outfit correlation, we’ve used his overall air of charm and grace to create a dapper outfit we could proudly imagine him wearing. The slim cut blazer, gold tie clip, and shining shoes remind of us his original outfit’s silhouette, while the maroon pants are a modern take on his bright red trousers. The watch will make sure he knows exactly when it’s midnight.

Prince Naveen

Modern Prince Naveen
Ascot: Harrods; Shirt: Harry Rosen; Jacket: River Island; Watch: Timex; Pants: Valentino; Sunglasses: River Island; Hat: Bailey of Hollywood; Headphones: B&O; Shoes: Paul Smith

Though our modern resurgence of classic menswear would make Prince Naveen’s style acceptable in the modern day, we’ve updated his look to make him extra styling today. Keeping his ascot tie and newsboy cap, we’ve added a modern coat, sunglasses, and a pair of headphones to indulge his love of music.

Do you have a favorite Disney prince outfit? Tell us in the comments and let us know if you’d like to see any other of our favorite heroes imagined today.

Posted 4 years Ago
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