Disney’s Most Inventive Fashionistas

When in doubt, fashion your way out. Or at least that’s the motto plenty of Disney characters seem to live by. From Timon’s memorable hula outfit to Ariel’s makeshift sail dress, Disney’s most inventive fashionistas are no strangers to tricky situations and rely on their wit and considerable flair for style to whip up solutions.

Though the odds of us facing a pack of ravenous hyenas, or transforming from a mermaid into a human are low, these quick thinking characters can serve as models for us all.   We’ve rounded up a handful of our favorite moments below.


Giselle Answer

Though Robert’s curtains are hardly better off for it, this Enchanted leading lady scores major style points for crafting a dress entirely from scratch. With its delicate floral print, puffy sleeves, and oversized bow, it’s glowing with inventive, Disney style magic.



Timon’s nimble costuming in this scene is tropically stylish and functional. While wearing a grass skirt, lei, and flower, he manages to distract a pack of hyenas and save friends from harm. The fact that he adds a hula dance and song takes it to the next level.

Cinderella’s Mice


It takes little more than a glance at Cinderella’s iconic pink dress to recognize how skilled Cinderella’s mice friends are. Able to patch a stylish dress together out of odds and ends—all while using scissors and needles many times their size—they prove that anything is possible with talent and teamwork.



Baloo is a big personality with an even bigger sense of style. This dried grass skirt, wig, and coconut lips are as silly and clever as they are jungle-chic.


Ultimate Princess Quiz_Mulan_Result

Mulan may be the character on this list most committed to her resourceful style transformation. After giving herself an impromptu haircut with a sword, she rocks a man bun and re-fits her training gear in a way that lets her blend in as one of the guys.



Who could forget Ariel’s first dress as a human? Though the dress is fashioned out of torn sails and rope, the way Ariel rocks it makes it read as a piece of high couture.

Robin Hood

Robin Hood

When it comes to on-the-spot disguises, there’s no topping Robin Hood. With little more than a few capes, a sock, twigs, and a pair of round sunglasses, he transforms into three entirely different characters, making him an especially inventive dresser.

Robin Hood Disguises 2

Are there any creative dressers in Disney you admire? Share your thoughts in the comments and tell us if there’s a favorite scene or outfit we’ve missed.

Posted 4 years Ago
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