An Arbitrary Ranking of the Best Disney Capes

The other day, I was thinking about capes and Disney (as one does) and I noticed something: there are a lot of them in Disney films. From Phillip’s, in red, to the Evil Queen’s, in black, this dramatic garb spans the Disney universe, adding a dose of heroism—or in many cases, foreboding—to the characters and outfits we know so well.

Edna mode holding hobo suit in The Incredibles

Edna Mode may refuse to sing their praises, but I’d happily attest that each of these graceful garments is valuable in its own way. Recognizing that power rankings are fun—albeit 100% subjective—I’ve rated each cape or cloak on its style and functionality to determine which is the best. Scroll through to see if you agree with the final tally.

Prince Phillip’s Cape


Style: 8/10 | Function: 6/10 | Total: 14/20

Shaded in a bold red tone that contrasts his neutral outfit, and fitted with lining color-coordinated with his hat, this cape is so on point; but let’s be honest here—Philip would look good in anything. I’m giving this no-frills cape a solid 8 for style and a 6/10 for function. While it must keep his back and shoulders warm, he is, after all, forced to ditch it when Samson throws him in the water, and it can’t be much help while trying to battle through thorn bushes and forests.

Belle’s Cloak

Make it Through Monday_Belle_Beauty and the Beast

Style: 9/10| Function: 6/10 | Total: 16/20

I don’t know about you guys, but I definitely wanted this cape when I was younger. Its fur trim and rich red velvet match her rose-colored dress in a way better than I would have imagined, earning this garment a 9/10 for style. In terms of function, it ranks a bit lower with a 6/10. If a cloak is being made for weather cold enough to necessitate fur trim, I’d hope it’d at least come with arm slits or adequately cover her arms.

Mother Gothel’s Cloak

Villain Spotlight Series about Mother Gothel posing

Style: 10/10 | Function:9/10 | Total: 19/20

That fabric! That coordination! I may not be the biggest fan of Mother Gothel, but let there be no doubt that I love this cape. Its subtle shine earns it top points for style, while its obvious heft earns it a similarly high ranking for function. With a cape perfect for furtive trips to Rapunzel’s tower or the forest surrounding it, Mother certainly knew best when it came to choosing her outerwear.

Hercules’ Cape

Hercules, Go the Distance

Style: 9/10 | Function: 8/10 | Total: 17/20

What can I say? This is a cape fit for a warrior. Featuring a cape with ornamental clasps that attach to Hercules’ armor and a short hem that simultaneously emphasizes his movement while keeping out of the way, Hercules’ outfit wouldn’t be the same without it. Stylistically that is. In terms of function, I had to dock it two points because, while looking cool is a respectful accomplishment in and of itself, the cape seems like it’d be more of a hazard than a boon.

Prince Ferdinand’s Cape

Disney Prince Snow White

Style: 6/10 | Function: 5/10 | Total: 11/20

Prince Ferdinand is sweet and stylish, donning an outfit in royal blues and vibrant reds. Though it may not be the most unique cape out there, he gets points for choosing a color that makes it a bold accent piece, earning it a solid 6. In terms of function, we’re not 100% sure what his cape accomplishes, but we’re giving it a 5 for looking good regardless.

Anna’s Cloak


Style: 10/10 | Function: 10/10 | Total: 20/20

Full disclosure: I’ve only seen Frozen once or twice, so I’d completely forgotten about the detailing on this cloak. What a mistake that was. This cape is gorgeous. Not only are its embroidery, elegant clasp, and rich color everything I would ever want in a cape myself, it genuinely looks like it’s thick and wide enough to keeping her warm. The fact that it matches with her cap nudges it just above the rest, earning it a perfect score on both counts.

Elsa’s Cape


Style:10/10 | Function: 9/10 | Total: 19/20

Appearing early in the film—long before the cold never bothered her anyway—Elsa’s cape is another fabulous example of what this garment can achieve when done well. With an elegant train that screams “royalty” and a gem for a clasp, it, too, comes in a beautiful shade of magenta I’d happily rock. I had to deduct one point for functionality—because what a pain would it be to drag a cape this long around—but other than that, it’s near perfect to me.

Evil Queen’s Cape

Evil Queen Talking to the Magic Mirror in Snow White

Style: 9/10 | Function: 9/10 | Total: 18/20

When it comes to capes, topping the drama of this diva’s cape is nearly impossible. Shaded in royal purple and jet black, this cape features a collar to top all collars and enough fabric for dramatic flourishes galore. I’m giving her cape a 9/10 for style and function.

Jafar’s Cape

Jafar and the Sultan standing in the doorway during a scene from Aladdin when Sultan is hypnotized.

Style: 9/10 | Function: 8/10 | Total: 17/20

Remember when I said it was almost impossible to top the drama of the Evil Queen’s cape? This was the “almost” I had in mind. Between the exaggerated shoulder pads and bold red-and-black color combination, this villain’s cape is as extreme as it gets, earning Jafar a 9/10 for fashion daring alone. In terms of function, it earns an 8/10—less so for its function as a cape and more for its doubling as a parrot perch.

Final Tally

The scores have been tabulated. The verdict is in. Best cape—in this completely arbitrary ranking—goes to… Anna, for her gorgeously detailed and extremely functional magenta cloak.


Have opinions of your own? Think we missed your favorite? Give us a shout in the comments!

Posted 4 years Ago
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