Represent Mickey and Friends This #NationalRunningDay

There’s something magical about a good run—the rush of endorphins, the mental clarity, the hurts-so-good soreness afterwards. Whether it’s a jog around the block or a marathon, pushing yourself beyond what you previously thought possible of yourself makes every step a triumph. We know it’s easy to get intimidated by the word “runner,” but today on #NationalRunningDay we’re reminding you that it’s not about mileage or races won, but about slipping on a pair of sneakers and having a fun time getting moving.

What better way to make a good time even better than with a touch of Disney flair? Recognizing that the Disney Half Marathon is now accepting race entries, we’ve organized a handful of Mickey and Friends-inspired running outfit sets—perfect for the race itself, training, or an anytime jog.

National Running Day Graphic


If running in a sailor suit sounds tough, try out this subtle outfit set inspired by Donalds’ color scheme. We’ve paired a blue top with yellow pants in a pastel-hued, runner-style dream. The socks by Vans will help you channel Donald’s energy.

(Bow: ASOS, Socks: Vans, Phone Case: D-Tech, Top: Nike, Pants: Adidas, Shoes: Nike)


We get it. Running can be tough. A good attitude however, can make a world of difference. Let this Goofy-inspired running set serve as a reminder to have fun and never take yourself too seriously.

(Hat: Disney Store, Socks: Goodhew, Phone Case: D-Tech, Top: Disney Store, Pants: Nike, Shoes: Asics)


You can never go wrong with polka dots and bows. This Minnie-inspired look is both feminine and fierce—our favorite combination.

(Ears: Disney Store, Socks: CEP, Top: Disney Store, Pants: Under Armour, Shoes: Nike)


You can’t go wrong with a classic. This simple, Mickey inspired look is perfect for during a run, or casually hanging out after. The top and shoes remind us of our recent athleisure outfit sets.

(Ears: Hanover Accessories, Socks: 2XU, Top: Topshop, Pants: Lilly Long, Shoes: Nike)

Do you have special plans for #NationalRunningDay? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 4 years Ago
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