The Top 10 Looks From Disney Channel Original Movies

In case you need catching up on the Disney Channel buzz, here’s the sitch. On June 24, Disney Channel will be releasing its 100th original movie Adventures in Babysitting.  And to celebrate, we spent the weekend with our couch, watching DCOM after DCOM. While obsessing, we realized that there were some truly ahh-mazing style moments throughout the years and put together our top 10 favorite fashion moments for you to enjoy with us.

1. Zenon and Nebula, Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

It’s no shocker that Zenon and her best friend Nebula made our top 10 best looks list—just look at them! Gold tinsel hair scrunchies, monogram patches on colored moto vests, lamé long-sleeve shirts? Major. These girls have some of the best futuristic ’90s style!


2. Avalon and Halley, Frenemies

We wish we looked half as good as Avalon and Halley in our teens! If only our moms convinced us that those cropped tweed jackets and tartan skirts were going to make our #tbt photos that much more impressive.


3. Kelly, Cadet Kelly

Hilary Duff’s look in Cadet Kelly scores a spot on our top 10 list for all of her ’00s accessories. We at Disney Style wonder why any of us decided to wear faux colored hair strands in our messy bun. Plus, she’s decked out in mismatched rubber bracelets, wears the Tiffany necklace we all got for our 13th birthday, and  … brace yourselves—a mood ring! These may not be our go-to styles now, but for then, Kelly was totally on trend.

cadet kelly

4. Galleria, Dorinda, Chanel, Aqua, The Cheetah Girls

The fringe, the cheetah print, the fishnet arms—our Limited Too-loving selves would be so proud.

Cheetah Girls

5. Sara Olson, Starstruck

Sara may only be a supporting role in this DCOM, but as Jessica’s older sister, she certainly positions herself to stand out. Even while soaking up the sun, she makes a colorful style statement. We’re just wondering if she even brought anything in that cute beach bag.


6. Sharpay Evans, High School Musical

Do we even have to explain how Sharpay made this list? Every scene is a statement outfit, but this look is one of our favorites. The shearling embroidered vest accompanied by an extra long sleeve blouse (What? With bracelets on top of sleeve?) pushes limits in a contemporary way.


7. Mitchie Torres, Camp Rock

Mitchie takes the stage at the Final Jam at Camp Rock in tonal burgundy rocker look. A few of us at Disney Style grew up going to summer camp, but never have any of us had such perfectly styled bangs and straight hair. You rock, Mitchie.

camp rock

8. Angie Cooper, Smart House

While little sister Angie may not be an obvious choice, we felt the (extreme) need to point out her way cool necklace. You know, the kind we all had in the form of a necklace or keychain at some point in our lives—the one where we dug through ceramic letters to find all of the things that best represented us. Peace. Love. Dinosaur.

smart house

9. Carter Mason, Princess Protection Program

While we wouldn’t necessarily wear this dress on any average Sunday, it’s still one of our favorites. Not to mention the fact that the scenes comes fully decorated with floral vintage dresses galore and grandma judges.


10. Ren Stevens, Even Stevens

Try not to pay attention to the fact that there’s dirt all over Ren’s face, and focus on her awesome sarong style. There are many ways to tie a sarong so that you can go from the beach to an island dinner. Earlier, Ren wears the sarong tied at her waist while she turned it into a dress with a shell statement necklace. With not a lot to work with, we think she did a pretty good job.

ren stevens

What do you think? So much nostalgia, huh? Tell us your favorites in the comments below!

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