Quiz: Which Disney Tiara Were You Born To Wear?

It’s #InternationalTiaraDay today and, naturally, our thoughts have turned to those Disney royalty that wear them on screen. From Rapunzel to Ariel and Aurora to Tiana, there are so many smart and capable heroines (not to mention cute Disney tiara options) out there to choose from, making the question of which princess you’d want to emulate best an understandably tough call.

Recognizing that we’re all probably feeling a little more royal than usual today, we’ve devised a simple quiz to ease the princess decision-making process and determine which Disney tiara you were born to wear.

Excited to share your results the world? Share this quiz with your friends to see if you’re Disney tiara soulmates and check in soon for more #InternationalTiaraDay posts.

Posted 4 years Ago
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