7 Best Dressed Disney Pets

Given that Disney pets are more often seen sporting collars, reigns, or the occasional kerchief rather than full outfits, it may seem odd to spotlight them as fashionable—perhaps stranger still to compile a list of the best dressed. To overlook their signature styles, however, would be to pass up on some prime Disney style inspiration. From Jack the Monkey and his embroidered vest (Pirates of the Caribbean), to Percy and his ruffled collar (Pocahontas), Disney pets make big statements with the smallest of wardrobes.

Check out our list below and see if we included your favorites.

Disney Pets - Jock

Jock (Lady and the Tramp)

We’ve always appreciated Jock for his fiery spunk, but when it comes to fashion pets, we have to shoutout his plaid sweater. Both appropriate for the Christmas scene in which it’s seen and a nod to his Scottish roots, this sweater has us seriously pining for a wearable, human version.

Disney Pets - Sampson

Samson (Sleeping Beauty)

Though ostensibly simple, Samson’s bridle, reins and barding feature subtle accents that earn him a place on our list of best dressed pets. The distressed metal and leather accents as well as the geometric cut define his get up as firmly medieval-inspired, while the unexpectedly fabulous color scheme it creates—combining mustard yellow, black, brown and off white—is one we’d readily replicate in the modern day.

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Percy (Pocahontas)

In all honesty, it was Percy that inspired this list of fabulously dressed pets. With nothing more than a collar, cape, and a little panache, Percy emulates majesty, proving it’s more about how you wear something, than what you’re wearing. His subtle ruffled collar acts as a reference to Pocahontas’ time period, while his hat—one that matches Governor Ratcliffe’s—achieves ultimate #squadgoals.


Duchess (The Aristocats)

Duchess’ name says it all. With the utmost elegance, she dons a diamond-encrusted, gold collar throughout The Aristocats and leaves us in awe of the way she achieves her effortless style to this day. Having such well-dressed kittens only adds to her fashion credibility,


Jack the Monkey (Pirates of the Caribbean)

While Jack Sparrow is a fashion icon in his own right, Jack the monkey certainly holds his own. All throughout the movie, he wears an impressively detailed outfit set—complete with an embroidered vest and linen top—we could imagine adding to any bohemian look today.

Toy Story Scud

Scud (Toy Story)

Remember when studded belts were a thing in the early ’00s? Scud from Toy Story was trying out this trend well before that, appearing here in a red studded collar. We respect any villain that channels his wickedness in fashion form; Scud has the balance between mean mugging and intimidating accessories down pat.

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Stitch (Lilo & Stitch)

We recognize that Stitch is much more than a pet, but we couldn’t resist adding him to the list for this Elvis-inspired outfit. Rocking a glitter top with an oversized collar is tough, but Stitch makes it look easy—pairing it with a gold medallion necklace and a pompadour—the origins of which we’re still mystified by.

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