Disney Fans Tell Us Why They Love Dapper Day

What I love most about Disneyland on Dapper Day is how the Park transforms into a unique fashion time capsule. It’s easy to forget it’s 2016, and somehow, you’ve transported back to the earliest days of the Happiest Place on Earth. It’s style magic that’s created by Dapper Day fans twice a year, thanks to their creative, chic ensembles.

Dapper Day gives fans of both Disney and fashion the opportunity to combine their interests in a one-of-a-kind way. Whether it’s an authentic vintage dress, or modern pieces paired together, I’m never ceased to be amazed by what Dapper Day guests can come up with for their outfits. At the Spring 2016 event, I talked with a few fashionable fans about their Disney-inspired ensembles and why they love they Dapper Day.

Leslie Kay

IMG_8079Tell me how you put together your outfit. 
“My outfit was actually made by a friend. So, I have my red cardigan on, because Winnie the Pooh wears his red shirt and I’ve just added in the rest of his yellow body in my outfit. I’ve got his ears on my bowler hat, and I’ve got my ring, which is a beehive and my bee earrings. And then just a little extra detail on my purse. The purse was kind of a last minute thing. I went to Target [and found the bag] … so my friend Vince actually painted ‘Pooh’ on it, just like how [Winnie the Pooh] has it on his shirt.”

IMG_8082What’s your favorite part about Dapper Day?
“I love coming to Dapper Day because you get to dress up [and] you get to have fun with fashion. It’s how the Park used to be back in the 1950’s when people would really dress up to come here and look their very best. So, it’s really cool to see everybody looking really awesome, and looking their best, and very fashionable.”

What are some tips people should know if they’ve never been to Dapper Day before?
“To start off, you want to wear your very vintage-y best, but it doesn’t have to be anything expensive, as long as you’re having fun with fashion. And then, have fun. Just enjoy your day and don’t worry about other people judging you—just have a great time.”

If you could sum up Dapper Day in three words, what would they be?
Stylish, entertaining, and magical.


Why do you love Dapper Day?
“I love Dapper Day for many reasons. Part of the reason I love Dapper Day, is because I’m a huge vintage lover. I love vintage everyday, all day. I think it’s unique. You’re not going to see yourself coming and going. So for Dapper Days, I like to incorporate as much vintage as possible. Some people like reproduction, but I prefer true vintage because it shows a time gone by when Disney was indeed created. It was created in the ’50s, when women and men were dapper. And I just think that it’s nice to see everyone go back to that … but I love being as close to picture perfect, because it makes me happy.”


What’s your favorite detail on your outfit?
“My favorite detail of my outfit would probably be my broaches. Both were handmade by small business owners … This one [the Disney D pin] is from Match Accessories. I love them. They’re a small family owned company, and the wife was just diagnosed with leukemia, so the proceeds went to the family to help with medical costs. For me, that holds a special place in my heart.”

If you could sum up Dapper Day in three words, what would the be?
“Unique, fun, and one of a kind.”



Why do you love Dapper Day?
“Dapper Day is the perfect excuse for people who just have desperate need to wear vintage clothes all the time and never have the chance too. This is actually only my second Dapper Day ever, and I’m constantly looking for ways to incorporate vintage fashion into my own life. So, to have the chance to even do what I’m doing and DisneyBound a Dapper Day outfit, it’s a twice a year chance I get, now that I know about Dapper Day. I love everything about it.

Tell me how you put together your outfit.
“I love to take things and give them another purpose. I’m all about turning trash into treasure… My dress, the base of it was found at a thrift store, at Goodwill for like $5. I added the panels, added the lace, and everything to it. I made my hook from scratch as well out of an old paint brush and a cooking cylinder, like a funnel. The hat I made entirely by hand from foam, a feather that I had laying around my house, and a wire coat hangar. The purse I found at Hot Topic—it was just a little makeup bag. I added a strap to it, and two bottom halves of Easter eggs, painted them gold and turned it into Hook’s alarm clock.”

If you could sum up Dapper Day in three words, what would the be?
“Community, joy, fashion.”

Posted 4 years Ago
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