7 Times A Goofy Movie Nailed ’90s Fashion

A Goofy Movie is about as ’90s as Disney gets. Released smack dab in the middle of the decade and set during a teenager’s summer vacation, it features all the hallmarks: awkward teenagers, embarrassing parents, quirky friends, a summer crush, and of course, fashion that is insanely specific to the era. With ’90s styles trending strongly in the modern day, we decided to revisit this film to see if we’d spot any of the era’s greatest hits.

It didn’t disappoint. Crop tops? Check. Oversized glasses? Check. Hoop earrings and visor shades? Check and check. Scroll through for a deeper dive.

Goofy Movie '90s Fashion CutoutTop-Sweatshirt-HoopEarrings

As was the case with ’80s fashion in Oliver & Company, A Goofy Movie‘s establishing shots and background characters do the most to definitively place the film in the ’90s. It rings especially true with Lisa (on the left) and her friend. From Lisa’s accessories, crop top, and sweatshirt—casually tied around her waist—to her friend’s pixie bob, their outfits are a solid barometer for the decade’s staple fashions.

Goofy Movie '90s Fashion Goths

Though they appear only briefly, we were excited to find this goth pair of friends. Do derisive glares qualify as accessories? If so, these girls in matching all-black ensembles have achieved apathetic perfection. A special shoutout goes to the girl on the right’s black lipstick. While we’d probably opt for the girl on the left’s deep shade or red, we applaud her commitment.

Goofy Movie '90s Fashion Scrunchie

Fashion trends weren’t only enjoyed by teens. Here, this mother’s double-scrunchie ponytail both defies gravity and perfectly conforms to ’90s trends. Her hoop earrings also remind us of Lisa’s, further speaking to this accessory’s popularity.

Goofy Movie '90s Fashion Stacey2

Stacey looks confused here, but there’s no doubting the decade-appropriate appeal of this outfit. She pairs her iconic daisy hat and roundest-of-round glasses frames with an oversized blazer, all worn over a simple top and high-waisted pants. With most of these ’90s looks in vogue today, we’re pretty sure we could assemble this outfit with ease.

Goofy Movie '90s Fashion Roxanne

Speaking of simple outfits, we had to mention Roxanne’s understated style. Wearing a teal shirt and high-waisted shorts, her outfit remind us that, sometimes, the best ’90s looks were the simplest.

Goofy Movie '90s Fashion Max and Bobby

We have to end with the film’s classic ’90s hero, Max—and his particularly of-the-time-period pal, Bobby. Decked out in so many signs of ’90s fashion, it’s hard to know where to begin with them. We’ll start with Max’s loose hoodie and jeans. Baggier than would ever be necessary, they stand in stark contrast to the ’00s more fitted menswear trends. Bobby’s fashion, however, rings more prophetic. His round sunglasses, long necklace, and Birkenstocks all seem to predict contemporary festival fashion.

Goofy Movie '90s Fashion Backwards Cap

Of course, we couldn’t leave out Max’s most ’90s look of all: his backwards hat and visor shades. Best recognized as part of his Powerline costume, his sunglasses remind us of a simpler time where one lens sufficed. Though we’d like to say his cap is fully responsible for the coolness radiating from this image, we’ll concede that the skateboard trick doesn’t hurt.

Do you have a favorite fashion moment from this movie? A favorite ’90s trend that you’re happy is making a comeback? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Posted 4 years Ago
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