9 Looks Inspired by the All New Mickey Mouse Club

Today marks the 27th anniversary of The All New Mickey Mouse Club! While you may know many of the Mickey Mouse Club members’ faces (Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Ryan Gosling to name a few), what might be less evident is that their style is currently having quite a revival.

To celebrate The All New Mickey Mouse Club anniversary, we put together 9 totally trendy looks inspired by the show’s ’90s fashion:

High-waisted jeans and a white ruffled blouse was Britney Spears’ signature look in the Mickey Mouse Club. She topped it off with a cropped vest for a denim on denim look, which we updated with a longer tailored style.


Nothing says ’90s more than butterfly hair clips and a ditzy floral dress!


Scrunchies were the go-to hair accessory then, and every cast member rocked the Dr. Marten boots.


Christina Aguilera was most fond of platform lace-up sneakers. She paired a tied sleeveless shirt with her high-waisted jeans, which has become a trendy look today.

Patched denim jackets, thick velvet headbands, and oh-so ’90s jewelry have all made their comeback. (Yes, that is a mood ring and you need one now.)MMC 2

Aside from Dr. Martens, cast members were seen in sneaker brands that are still just as popular today as they were then. MMC 9

Flannel shirts were seen around the waists of both the boys and girls in the cast. You could also see them worn left open over dresses, mixed with other prints, or with the sleeves rolled up. MMC 1

Denim overalls have made their way back into girl’s wardrobes and are a popular festival look pair with platform sneakers like these Supergas.

And we can’t forget the boys. Oversized denim vests were quite popular among the cast members, which were seen over hoodies, flannels, or t-shirts. The boys also wore Dr. Martens as they were comfortable, cool, and uniform. MMC 3

Happy anniversary, Mickey Mouse Club! We hope J.T. and Britney are celebrating somewhere!

Posted 3 years Ago
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