The Neff Disney Pinocchio Collection is Honestly Awesome

Neff Headwear has partnered with Disney to bring cool nostalgia to their newest collection. In the past, Neff has done collaborations featuring Aladdin, Robin Hood, Disney Villains and more. This time, they’re featuring Pinocchio in the most subtle and smart way. The styles are true to the Neff Headwear brand, comprised of classic surf tees and Hawaiian shirts, as well as a snapback and boonie hat. The artists who worked on the collection say they “… drew inspiration from the wordplay of Pleasure Island being a tropical location, mixing classic movie elements with traditional Hawaiian prints, offering a variety of warm weather apparel and accessories.”


The print consists of Pinocchio on an island and Monstro in the currents of the sea, amongst traditional hibiscus flowers.


Accessories feature a leather logo at the front with “No Strings on Me” embossed with the Neff Headwear logo.


The limited-edition Neff Disney Pinocchio collection is currently available online only, now through Fall 2016.


Posted 4 years Ago
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