Rainwear Inspired by Disney Characters

Disney Characters in the Rain

I’ve always loved the rain. Grey skies and cool weather are the only excuses I need to curl up with a book, or watch The Lion King for the umpteenth time. Having to go out in the rain and get my hair, clothes and shoes wet? Not much to love there. As almost any Disney movie featuring rain will teach you, getting soaked is miserable—an affliction almost exclusively reserved for scenes where characters are at their lowest. For this month full of April showers, skip slogging through the sogginess with some some character-inspired rainwear sure to keep you dry and Disney styling.



First up, we have what may be my favorite rainwear of all Disney films: Miss Bianca and Bernard’s coats and wraps. If you’re also having a hard time deciding between which ensemble you prefer, why not split the difference by combining both looks? Combine this pink MCM Logo Silk Scarf (Nordstrom) and Via Spiga Hooded Belted Trench Coat (Macy’s) for The Rescuers inspired rainwear.


Rain _ Jack Sparrow

Remember that scene in The Curse of the Black Pearl where Jack Sparrow, following his compass-that-doesn’t-point-north, leads his crew straight into a thunderstorm? Getting soaked to the bone is a natural part of any pirate’s day, but for us landlubbers, try some Captain Jack-inspired rainwear. This Ralph Lauren Faux Leather Trim Trench Coat (Nordstrom) is a subtle nod to Jack’s coat, while these Henry Ferrera Bond Women’s Water-Resistant Zipper Rain Boots (Kohls) look perfect for swashbuckling. Add a patterned cotton scarf (H&M) for an extra touch of Jack-panache.



Though Kuzco uses Pacha’s poncho as little more than a towel for drying himself off in this scene from The Emperor’s New Groove, ponchos make for some of the most practical rainwear. This “Mindfully Designed Poncho” (The North Face) lives up to its name with a cute polka dot trim and a hood—an addition we’re sure both Cuzco and Pacha would have approved of. These equestrian-styled Tommy Hilfiger Coree Tall Rain Boots (Macy’s) add a necessary llama-inspired color scheme to this rainwear ensemble.



As pictured above, Jane’s umbrella doesn’t do her much good in Tarzan, but that hardly stops us from using it for inspiration. Channel her cute yellow parasol and not-so-jungle-friendly heels with this RainStoppers Hook Handle Arc Umbrella (Amazon) and Bootsi Tootsi Chelsea Water Resistant Rain Boots (Kohl’s). With the boots fitting at a convenient ankle-length, rather than the traditional knee-high, keeping up with Tarzan would be a no sweat.


Rain_Minnie Mouse

I know, I know—Minnie hiding under a picnic blanket isn’t your typical rainwear inspiration. But after seeing this adorable Minnie Mouse Umbrella on Disney Store’s website, can you blame me for seeking it out? Match a Minnie-coated umbrella with these Kamik Sharon Women’s Ankle Rain Boots (Kohl’s). Their bright shade of yellow not only evokes Minnie’s classic yellow heels, but adds a necessary pop of color to otherwise gloomy days.

Disney characters might not be the best at keeping dry themselves, but they certainly provide us with a wealth of inspiration. Do you have a favorite piece of Disney rainwear? A favorite rainy scene from a Disney movie? Tell us in the comments!

Posted 4 years Ago
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