Disney Patches We Have To Have

When I finally found the exact style of denim jacket I’d spent three years looking for, I was over the moon. I wore it daily and only half-joked that I’d happily sleep in it. What no one told me about owning a denim jacket when they’re so in-style, however, was just how often I’d find myself twinning with strangers on the street. Though thrilled to share in the glory of owning such a versatile piece of clothing, I found myself hungry for ways to make my jacket uniquely my own. After running across a few Star Wars tattoo-art patches in a store one day, I knew I’d found my perfect solution.

We’ve covered the enamel pin trend and suggested ways of styling them, but today we’re looking to these embroidered accessories for inspiration. Easy to sew or pin to a tote bag or the pocket of your jeans, patches can transform any piece of clothing from a nondescript article to a unique billboard for your favorite characters and interests. The possibilities are endless!

Scroll through the compilations below for our new Disney favorites:

Star Wars Patches

1. Star Wars R2-D2 Tattoo Art Embroidered Patch, 2. Star Wars Darth Vader Tattoo Art Embroidered Patch, 3. Star Wars c-3PO Tattoo Art Embroidered Patch (Star Wars Superstore)

Bambi Patches

1. Wrights Disney Bambi Portrait Iron-On Appliqué Multi-Colored (Walmart), 2. Disney Bambi and Thumper Iron-On Appliqué (Walmart), 3. Wrights Iron-On Appliqué-Pink/White Flowers (Joann)

Up Patches

1. Disney UP Bottle Cap Patch (Hot Topic) 2. Wilderness Explorers Patch (Etsy)

Cars Patches

1. Disney Cars Iron On Appliqué (Walmart), 2. Wrights Disney Cars Iron On Appliqué (Walmart)

Jungle Book Patch

1. Disney Jungle Book Baloo Iron-On Appliqué (Walmart), 2.Banana Appliqué Embroidered Iron-On (Amazon)

Mickey Mouse Patches

1. Disney Sew-On Mickey Mouse (Amazon), 2. Mickey Mouse Letter M Embroidered Iron-On (Amazon)

Winnie the Pooh Patches

1. Disney Pooh with Honey Pot Iron-On Appliqué (Walmart)

Posted 4 years Ago
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