3 Major Reasons Why Disney Has the Palm Leaf Trend Down

If you haven’t been keeping up with the latest spring/summer trends, you should know that there’s a peculiarly strong amount of leafy greenery in fashion right now. Bold palm leaf prints have been decorating runways and retailers left and right, so we thought it would best to break down the trend—Disney style. You can find the statement print on interior decor and upholstery, beauty and nail art, and clothing and accessories. But Disney has been incorporating leafy scenes into films for years now. Did Disney inspire the popular trend? That’s for you to decide.

  • Disney animators are masters of color, texture, and design. In The Jungle Book, for example, leaves are layered around characters to highlight their emotions and curiosity. The punchy yellow-green blend would look great on a wallpaper or tapestry to add a fresh look to a room.

TJB Jungle 3TJB Jungle

  • In Tarzan, an abundance of leaves are used to hide characters for surprising appearances, sneaking and spying, and adding suspicion. If this scene were an all-over printed clutch, it would be the perfect street style statement.

Tarzan Jungle 2 Tarzan Leaf

  • Naturally, The Lion King features quite a bit of foliage. Here, leaves are used to create a sense of depth and perspective. They play a much more important role than simply being part of the setting, they add color contrast to every scene.

tlk jungle TLK Jungle 2

Fortunately for us, these beautiful leaves haven’t gone unnoticed, as designers of all kinds draw inspiration from them every day. Take a look at some of our favorite pieces inspired by these popular Disney settings:

Since the palm leaf trend has been in the Disney family for over 60 years, wouldn’t you say Disney had some part in the budding trend?

Posted 3 years Ago
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