Choker Necklaces Inspired by Cinderella

We already had those ode to chokers scheduled for this week, even before Taylor Swift said on Instagram “I feel like maybe chokers are the new flower crowns?” Just saying.

But in our world, the return of the black velvet choker reminds us of another influential blonde trendsetter. Of course we’re talking about Cinderella.

Disney Things- Cinderella GIF

In her otherwise simple and bright ball gown transformation, the one bit of contrast that sets off the whole look is that simple, slim, black choker. You don’t need tons of sparkle and gold to make a major statement. All it takes is a simple dark strand for a whole lot of wow factor.

Cinderella even repeated her signature black choker for her wedding look–otherwise simple white gown, but with that perfect black choker thrown in.

These Robin Hood GIFs Will Brighten Up Your Day - Cinderella

If you haven’t happened to save your choker collection from the last time they were big in the ’90s, we’ve assembled all the choker recommendations you’ll need to hop on this super simple trend.

Bauble Bar

Cinderella Choker Bauble Bar

This simple black choker from Bauble Bar is thin like Cinderella’s, but features a bow and gold toggles to change up the silhouette.

Forever 21

Cinderella Choker Forever 21

We love how this version from Forever 21 adds some feminine gold and pearl flowers to dress up the otherwise classic necklace.

Go Jane

Cinderella Choker Go Jane

This choker from Go Jane is extra girly and has a vintage-y vibe with it’s scalloped crochet edges.

Go Jane


Cinderella Choker Go Jane blue

If you’re going for serious Cinderella inspiration or just want a break from black, this choker from Go Jane comes in her signature blue color.

Urban Outfitters

Cinderella Choker Urban OutfittersThis is the choker. We all had this choker. It’s probably in your childhood jewelry box somewhere just waiting to be rediscovered. In case it’s not, you can find the next gen version at Urban Outfitters for a more casual take on the classic choker.

Vanessa Mooney

Cinderella Choker Vanessa Mooney

To add a little bohemian interest, this choker from Vanessa Mooney has a turquoise pendant.

Posted 4 years Ago
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