Secretly Stylish Disney Character: Yzma

Plenty of things come to mind when we think of Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove. She’s conniving, manipulative, evil, and—according to Kuzco—living proof that dinosaurs once roamed the Earth. But stylish? Revisiting this early 2000’s film, we realized that description is spot on.

Scroll through for a look at her dramatic gowns, headpieces, accessories, and more.



Our first look at Yzma is an impressive one. Sporting a bat-like cape in teal, black, and royal purple, Yzma channels a repertoire of Disney Villains, while adding an extra touch of style with turquoise earrings and arm bands. Her statement headpiece only adds to the spectacle.


Appearing in the scene where Yzma is smashing concrete Kuzco busts, Yzma’s jewel-studded, feather headpiece reminds us of Jafar’s in Aladdin, while her matching onyx colored earrings complete the look. On a separate note, can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that she wears a form-fitting gown for light exercise?


Never one to abide by fashion rules, Yzma wears this fuchsia gown to Kuzco’s funeral. Her larger-than-life earrings and giant headpiece clue us in to how she really feels about his passing.


Yzma rocks a similar halter-top gown with yet another gravity defying hair piece, moments before she gives her royal stylist the figurative boot. We’re pretty sure she didn’t need him anyway.


We couldn’t leave out her turban and shawl. Colored in her typical shade of purple and accented with a bright pink jewel, this gown and headpiece are her idea of jungle wear. Though ranking low on practicality, this outfit speaks volumes about Yzma’s commitment to fashion. She’s truly an inspiration.



Just look at that mascara, eyeshadow, and nails! With her characteristically perfect color coordination, Yzma has us wondering whether fashion advisor would have been a more appropriate role for her. Bonus points go to this baddie for her feathered collar, a bold way to personalize a classic black gown.


Of course, beauty doesn’t come without effort. This brief glimpse into Yzma’s beauty routine reveals the facial mask and cucumber eye pad combo that help her achieve her look.


Last but not least, we present you with an Yzma accessory highlight—the birthday sombrero. Though she seems less than pleased with this gift from a diner waitress, we’re fans of the touch of whimsy and color it adds to her style.

She might not be a Disney Princess or a classic heroine, but Yzma’s fashion choices make for a style that is uniquely her own, ultimately inspiring us to add a touch of glam to our own outfits—and just maybe an extra coat of mascara.

Posted 4 years Ago
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