Disney Characters With the Best Festival Style

“Lilo has the best festival style!” Disney Style staffer Ilana pointed out in our brainstorm. Then I thought of Captain Jack. Aladdin. Even Smee. Smee? Yep, Smee.

For every festival look you see over the next few weekends, there will be a stylish Disney character who wore the trend first, we promise. Here are some of our favorite Disney friends who pull off the best festival fashion without even trying.


How Sundays Should Work

Lilo’s perfect festival style comes from her carefree spirit, self expression, and commitment to being herself. Confidence is 90% of any outfit, and we all know Lilo has it. She’d be so comfy in the desert in her simple palm print dress and sunnies, plus optional flip flops. I actually just bought a black and white dress cut the exact the same way from H&M and it’s just so Lilo.


Pepper Ann


I remember in 2004 when the ’80s came back and I thought it was so cool, but then vowed that I’d never re-wear the styles I wore in the ’90s because the ’90s were terrible. Well, the ’90s are back now, and as I write this Disney Style article, I’m wearing high-waisted, light washed mom jeans circa 1992. The point is, at Coachella this weekend, everyone is going to be dressed like Pepper Ann: carefree bright cropped tops, folded over socks tucked into floppy tennis shoes, and loads and loads of scrunchies.


The Mermaids

the mermaids from peter pan are the mean girls of disney - hair

Usually when we’re talking about fashion and mermaid hair, we’re referring to the color trend, obviously. Though I’m sure that festival season will be filled with pink and blue tresses, when I think Disney mermaid hair, I think of the beautiful up-dos and flowers from Peter Pan. Though these girls weren’t the nicest to Wendy, they did add sprays of flowers and shells to their hair in the most beautiful ways. Plus, we still just really want to be mermaids.




Hear me out on this one. Yzma’s outfit is a bit over the top for a cross-country trek in search of Kuzco (she’s more than just a little high maintenance), but her outfit is actually pretty low-key and practical when it comes to Coachella. She has an un-fussy halter maxi dress that will keep her legs from getting burnt, look chic, but still be super cool and comfortable. Her bejeweled headband/wrap thing? The perfect way to keep her hair out of her face in the heat. She even has cool statement jewelry!



I’ve said this once, I’ll say it again. Smee’s outfit is all over my Instagram feed, and not just because I follow DisneyBound. Literally any girl can pull of the nautical stripe shirt, worn-in jean shorts, and birks, and be effortlessly fashionable all weekend long. You have this outfit in your closet already, just embrace it.


Captain Jack Sparrow

Now bring me that horizon Jack Sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean

To be honest, Captain Jack’s style is kind of the best no matter what the context. He sort of single-handedly led a pirate fashion movement back in the day. His garb tells a story, is designed to hold up in any weather conditions, and fully shows off his personality. Boots, stray beaded clumps of hair, and the jauntiest of hats. Those are the makings of a festival outfit.



Ellie Up

Ellie champions two trends that are big right now: overalls and pins. I like pins on a jean jacket, but overalls work as well. I am keeping my eye on a pair of long overalls at Madewell, but the shorts kind are perfect for a festival. They have a pocket right in front for your camera!





Posted 4 years Ago
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