Disney Character Capsule Wardrobe: Anita Radcliffe

As any reader familiar with our Anatomy of a Disney Character’s Style series knows, Disney characters are known for wearing the same or similar outfits throughout an entire film. Their clothes make it easier for audiences to recognize them—easier for the artists rendering them— and, in our opinions, are half of what gives them character. But who knew their minimalist wardrobes put Disney characters way ahead of their time?

Efficient shoppers and fashion bloggers alike have lately sung the praises of “capsule wardrobes,” a less-is-more approach to fashion that consists of a small collection of basics you can mix, match, and add to seasonally. An efficient way to downsize your closet without diminishing your style, a capsule wardrobe saves time, hassle, and ensures you’re wearing only what you absolutely love. Looking back at some of our favorite Disney style icons, we realized a selection of capsule wardrobes were right under our noses. Who better to start with than the smartest of dressers, Anita Radcliffe­?

We’ve combed through  101 Dalmatians, and clipped out almost every article of clothing Anita is seen wearing.

Anita Capsule Wardrobe V2
Notice something? Everything matches. By mixing multiple colors of a classic billowy top-and-skirt combo with statement accessories (just look at the flower on that hat), Anita achieves a wardrobe both flexible and fashionable. Talk about Disney magic.

We couldn’t resist mixing and matching her articles of clothing to create the outfits below.

Anita Capsule Wardrobe Outfits v2

Consult her wardrobe above and have fun dreaming up ideas of your own!

Posted 4 years Ago
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