Minnie Rocks Fashion at Shanghai Fashion Week 2016

“Minnie Mouse is Disney’s fashion star,” said Allen Au-Yeung, VP of Product Creative for the Walt Disney Company China, and we couldn’t agree more. Not only has Minnie’s signature style been on-trend since 1928, but it’s been interpreted by designers and fashionistas around the globe. Disney China announced “Minnie Rocks Fashion,” a Minnie-inspired collaboration with four well-known designers, which debuted today at Shanghai Fashion Week. The designers, Ji Cheng, Han Lulu, Cindy Soong and Makin Ma, all showcased their innovative collections, which featured polka dots, Minnie ears, and bow details.

Ji Cheng is known for her blending of Chinese traditional embroidery with modern and handmade textures. She says ” … Minnie is like a close girlfriend. My brand advocates positive energy and having a zest for life, which matches the spirit of Minnie perfectly.” We couldn’t have said it better!

Ji Cheng Runway

Shanghai designer Han Lulu’s collection uses simple but chic geometric figures and nostalgic patterns, inspired by modern metropolitan women in China. She understands that these cosmopolitan women are inspired by fun fashion icons like Minnie Mouse.

Han Lu Lu Runway

Cindy Soong’s brand encourages self-exploration and positivity for young women. She appreciates Minnie’s balance of independence and femininity, which is interpreted into her collection.

soong runway

Makin Ma is an independent designer in Shanghai who celebrates female individuality. He wants every design to tell a story of independence and empowerment.

makin ma runway

Which of these designers from Minnie Rocks Fashion Shanghai is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!


Posted 2 years Ago
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