5 Ways to Nail Disney Festival Style

It’s that time of year again—when the sun comes out, the music is loud, and the people-watching is aplenty. That’s right, it’s festival season. Of course, everyone knows that festival season isn’t just all about the live music, vast consumption of water, and $10 slices of pizza. Festivals are where fashionistas come in their bold bests to see and be seen. This year, we’re doing festival season Disney style. To give you some Disney festival style inspiration, we put together some tips for staying and looking cool:


1. Wear a bold print dress. 

Festival Look 5

It’s hard to come up with outfits for multiple days, so if you’re going for ease and stand-out simplicity, wear a dress that says it all. This dress from the Kenzo Jungle Book collection is going to be our go-to this season.


2. Make a Mickey statement. 

Festival Look 2

Do we really need to explain this one? It’s no new news that Mickey is a fashion symbol, so you’re sure to be complimented for your A+ Mickey style.


3. Embrace your weirdness. 

Festival Looks 1

Festivals are a time to bring out the colors, mix-up the trends, and just be comfortable. Pull out silly statement sunglasses, a quirky bag, and add in the Disney flair. Sometimes weirdness is totally fashion-forward.


4. Make a Star Wars statement. 

Festival Look 4

Since this was quite the year for Star Wars, we’re pretty certain you’ll see quite a bit of its fashion propaganda at festivals this summer, particularly on men. All of those super soft Urban Outfitters and uber popular Target tees with the Millennium Falcon and AT-AT blueprints will likely make their festival appearances.


5. Mix Disney with vintage. 

Festival Look 3

If you’re used to going to festivals in vintage Levi’s cut-offs and a casual thrift store t-shirt, you’ve got it easy. Take your go-to look and add a vintage Disney tee to the mix. Of course, Mickey is easiest to find, but if you have a The Little Mermaid shirt from when you were little, a la Taylor Swift, that’s the best move.


Are you headed to the festivals this year? Be sure to tag @DisneyStyle and use hashtag #DisneyStyle to show us your festival fashion!

Posted 4 years Ago
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