Why the Fanny Pack Is Here to Stay

Picture yourself at the Happiest Place on Earth: Your best friend is at your side, the main entrance is in sight, and a sugar-sweet Dole Whip is on your mind. You’ve been planning this trip for ages.

And then it happens.

Your purse strap slips mid-run to the turnstiles. Or maybe you’re fumbling to get a backpack off as you board your DoomBuggy on Haunted Mansion. Or you’re struggling to get your Park pass out of your over-packed clutch. Suffice to say, the wrong bag can become an unnecessary nuisance on your special day—especially when the perfect solution is right under your nose.

Let us (re)introduce you to the fanny pack, or as we like to think of it, the ultimate park accessory. Not only does this style of purse provide easy access to your belongings, it’s easy to hide in photos, eliminates any need to worry about purse strap tans, and you don’t even have to take it off during rides. Did we mention they can also look pretty awesome?

Though often seen as a relic of the ’80s, the fanny pack adds a colorful touch to any style. It’s no wonder it’s making a serious comeback and, as far as we’re concerned, here to stay.

Click through for a gallery of some contemporary styles you can pick up before your next park trip:

Posted 4 years Ago
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