3 Seriously Cute Ways to Style Your Disney Bracelet Stacks

Every now and then, we spot Disney fashion trends on Instagram that we can’t help but point out. In this case, it’s the Disney arm party—stacked bracelets of varying styles layered on your wrist. Certain brands like Alex and Ani or PANDORA Jewelry make stacking easy, and with the addition of a watch or wrap-around cord bracelet, the styles are endless! It’s the ultimate form of accessorizing, because sometimes more really is more.

We picked out some of our favorite Disney arm parties from Instagram to show you our three favorite ways to style bracelet stacks:

Keep it simple.

If you have a particularly classic piece, such as the adorable Mickey Mouse and The Lion King bracelets below, they will speak for themselves. Add in a simple bracelet or two to frame the main bracelet, and your Disney arm party will be perfection.

Mix and match.

Pair up bangles and bracelets of different widths and textures to get an eye-catching and creative look. If you’re headed to Walt Disney World, add a Magic Band to your Disney arm party to combine fashion and Disney Parks convenience, as seen below.

Pack on multiple characters.

There is no such thing as too much Disney. Put the charm in Prince Charming by adorning your bracelet stacks with your favorite Disney quotes, characters, and landmarks to your heart’s desire.

Be sure to use #DisneyStyle to show us your Disney arm party!

Posted 4 years Ago
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