The 10 Best Disney Moments From Fashion EVER

When I explain Disney Style to my grandparents, the best thing I can do is show how Disney—a brand about whimsical worlds, vibrant characters, and Parks—fits in with the fashion industry. I could try to explain DisneyBounds and inspired looks, but that might take hours. They want the hard facts about how Disney + fashion = Disney Style.

That’s typically when I break out the list of some of my favorite Disney moments from fashion:

1. Forever 21’s First Disney Collaboration

What would we do with ourselves if Disney had never teamed up with Forever 21? In 2010, Forever 21 and Disney revealed their first collaboration called “Minnie Muse.” Since then, Forever 21 has featured Disney Villains, Finding Nemo, and most recently, Star Wars.  forever 21 hits

2. Marc Jacobs’ Long-Lasting Love for Disney

Marc Jacobs certainly knows how to take Disney to the high-fashion level. Most recently, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Disney partnered on an Alice in Wonderland collection of whimsical accessories and signature styles. Previously, he produced a wildly popular Damien Hirst charitable limited edition Mickey tee, and a cropped sequin Mickey Mouse sweatshirt seen on several celebrities. Needless to say, this Spring 2016 collection won’t be the last time we see Mickey’s face in Marc Jacobs’ collections.

Mickey Marc Jacobs Alice

3. Minnie Mouse in Barney’s Electric Holiday

Just a few years ago, one of my happiest places on earth, Barney’s New York, partnered with the happiest company on earth, Disney, to form one of the most magical campaigns, called Electric Holiday. Electric Holiday unfolded in window displays, animated advertisements, and a video featurette of Minnie Mouse living and loving life at Paris Fashion Week. With the help of Minnie-fan, Sarah Jessica Parker, the windows were unveiled in a star-studded evening. (Our invite must have gotten lost in the mail. Oh wait, we didn’t exist yet. Phew!)


4. Iceberg X Disney  

Italian luxury brand Iceberg has reoccurring Disney features in its collections. In the Spring/Summer 2010 women’s collection, knit mini dresses featured Mickey Mouse profiles and ear-inspired silhouettes. This year, their men’s line showcases Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

donald duck iceberg

5. LC Lauren Conrad’s First Disney Collaboration

In 2009, Lauren Conrad signed a deal with Kohl’s that made everyone fashion happy. Fast-forward 6 years later, when she announced her first collaboration with Disney—a Cinderella collection by LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s. It was the start of collaboration after collaboration with Disney and Kohl’s. Keep ’em coming, Lauren!

Lauren Conrad Debuts Her New Disney Cinderella Collection, Inspired By The Classic Animated Film, Available Exclusively At Kohl's

6. Disney Dream Portrait Series

During Disney’s “Year of a Million Dreams,” Disney collaborated with world-renowned photographer, Annie Leibovitz, to create a series of ads featuring celebrities in classic Disney scenes. The portraits were released over the past 7 years, and depict a masterful styling of Disney fashion. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at The Princess and the Frog shoot, featuring Jennifer Hudson as Tiana.

(Scott Brinegar/DisneyParks.com)
(Scott Brinegar/DisneyParks.com)

7. Opening Ceremony Mickey Mouse Collection

In 2014, Opening Ceremony introduced a Mickey Mouse collection celebrating 85 years of Steamboat Willie. It was colorful and wearable, seen on mainstream audiences around the world.

Opening Ceremony

8. Lady Gaga x Disney

Lady Gaga’s love for Disney is subtle but edgy. In her music video Paparazzi, she wears a black and yellow dress with a Mickey ears print, along with Linda Farrow sunglasses that became incredibly popular at the time. She was also spotted in Japan wearing jeans donning Disney Princesses, and in London casually wearing a Mickey ears beret. And of course, who could forget the Minnie-inspired hair bow that sparked an incredible amount of YouTube tutorials. One of my favorite Disney moments with Gaga—the 2013 Muppets Spectacular.

Lady Gaga and the Muppets

9. Disney Stars on the Red Carpet

While we often focus on Disney styles on screen, we never neglect the A+ style of Disney’s style mavens on the red carpet. Currently Sabrina Carpenter is nearing the top of my Disney style icon list. Of course, Minnie Mouse remains the leader.

red carpet disney stars

10. Twiggy at Disneyland

Last, but certainly not least, when a style icon visits Disneyland, the world hears about it. So when Twiggy visited Disneyland in 1967, all eyes (pretty much ever since) were on her high-rise pants, menswear loafers, and silk hair scarf.

Twiggy at Disneyland

What are your favorite moments in Disney style history? Tell us in the comments below!

Posted 3 years Ago
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