Favorite Looks from the March DisneyBound Challenge

This month, our friend Leslie Kay of DisneyBound challenged DisneyBounders everywhere to post pretty pictures of their best Disney outfits. The result has been some adorable Disney-inspired looks all over Instagram and Tumblr, and it’s been so much fun to see all of everyone’s creative creations.

Check out some of our favorites below, and see more submissions on the official DisneyBound site and on Instagram!


We’ve always been obsessed with Anita’s style (especially this scarf and hat combo), but this DisneyBound makes it come to life.


Bonus points for actually getting a picture WITH the ballerina hippos while bounding as them.


This one is so subtle, it doesn’t even look Disney-inspired until you see the inspiration photo. Then you realize it’s soooo dead-on.


This look, like Prince John, is all about the jewelry. Be sure to check out @perksofaurora’s other DisneyBounds, they’re very adorable.


Kim Possible: so simple but so stylish at the same time.


We really love how this look captures the silhouette and vibe of Jim Hawkins without being a total costume. The pants are so perfect.


This DisneyBounder actually did AMAZING versions of almost every possible look in The Little Mermaid—from all of Ariel’s dresses to Flounder and Triton—and each one is super cute. We love how she was even able to pull off the “Ariel dressed in a sail” look and make it work.


Baymax never looked so dapper.


Dressing up in a Sadness-inspired outfit usually means turtlenecks, but this DisneyBound showed us that there are other ways to get the blues.



Posted 4 years Ago
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