Secretly Stylish Character: Franny Robinson

Since today is the anniversary of Meet the Robinsons, we thought it would be best to do a style highlight on one of Disney’s lesser-known characters, Franny Robinson. You may also know her as Wilbur’s super secretly stylish mom.

Her futuristic style is actually quite on point with trends today and matches her ever-so-charming personality. In the movie, we see her in A-line long sleeve dresses with graphic patterns. Her rich black hair is always up with a red ribbon bow, and her makeup is simple, but chic and polished.

The first dress we see her in, while conducting a symphony of frogs of course, features a dark navy long sleeve bodice with a red, white, and yellow color-blocked pattern skirt, and red turtleneck neckline.

franny robinson conducting frogs

She also seems to maintain the perfect slick-back bun with a perfectly positioned hair flip at the front.

Meet the Robinsons Mom Wearing Bun

When it comes to cosmetics, she’s right on trend with the bold brow.

Meet the Robinsons Mom Eyebrows

The second dress we see her in is of a similar vain, a long sleeve dress in a waved color-block pattern. She wears the same thick red bow in her hair and simple red pumps.

Meet the Robinsons Mom Scared

What we love most about Franny is that while she lives in the future, her style has a vintage flare. The hair bow and A-line dress are quite reminiscent of ’50s style, which have resurrected in trends today. Clearly, futuristic Franny Robinson knows very well that fashion repeats itself.


Posted 4 years Ago
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