If We Could Shop These Character’s Wardrobes, Here’s What We’d Need

It’s too often we see something on TV or in a movie and think of how badly we have to have that item in our own wardrobe. With Disney’s endless catalogue of characters, it happens to us far too often. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could go into each character’s wardrobe and pick out whatever we wanted? Disney style would be so simple!


These are a few of the characters whose style is so on point we wish we could have their wardrobe IRL:


Bernard, The Rescuers

Need: That rain jacket

Is it just us or is it nearly impossible to find a classic mustard yellow raincoat these days? And if you do find one, does it have a bucket-style hat and 60’s swing shape to it? This is the perfect jacket for rainy days, although, we would suggest pairing it with boots and not bare feet. 
Bernard from The Rescuers - Disney Cuteness Break


SadnessInside Out

Need: That chunky knit turtleneck sweater

Whoever decided that Sadness needed to be snuggled up in what appears to be a cashgora blend chunky knit turtleneck sweater made the right move.

Inside Out, Sadness, Joy


Mickey Mouse

Need: His hat

Mickey’s boater hat would look great with a light blue pinstripe button-down tucked loosely into a pair of cut-off denim shorts. Add a little brown messenger bag and it’s the perfect Park outfit.



Belle, Beauty and the Beast

Need: Her hooded cape

Of course, when we think of Belle, rarely do we think of this outfit instead of her yellow ballgown or light blue dress and apron; however, this fur-trim cape is truly a beautiful piece. Think about it—it goes over your dress and the quarter-front cape adds warmth to your shoulders but still allows you to see the dress underneath.



Daisy Duck

Need: Oversized bow

Why this isn’t in style right now is a major issue. Daisy’s oversized bow is so overtly amazing and basically, we want it now.

Daisy Duck- Grand Entrance


Buzz Lightyear (as Mrs. Nesbitt), Toy Story

Need: The daisy hat

The resurgence of 90’s fashion evidently is here to stay. Babydoll dresses with booties inspired by 90’s TV fashion are continuously seen in street style and in the fashion of young millennials. With that said, we’re going to need to borrow this daisy-adorned bowler from Mrs. Nesbitt.

Buzz Lightyear is Mrs. Nesbitt in Toy Story


What other items would you grab from a Disney character’s closet? Tell us in the comments below!

Posted 4 years Ago
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