Kate Spade New York For Minnie Mouse Collection Available Now

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We all know Minnie’s iconic style has led Disney to a number of collaborations with well-known contemporary designers. From Target to Prada, her style has influenced chic collections for women of all ages. We’re proud to announce her latest collaboration with Kate Spade! Kate Spade is known for bright colors, graphic prints, and a playful sophistication, worn and adored by celebrities and fashionistas around the world. Their clothing and accessories make you smile—and when was the last time you saw Minnie without a smile?! It’s a match made in Minnie heaven, and we’re so excited to get our hands on it!


In 1935, when Minnie’s spotted red and white outfit was first seen in color, the fashion world began to take notice and she’s been on-trend ever since. In the 30’s, dolls acquired her pillbox hat, and in the 40’s, as the wartime scarcity of fabric impacted styles, she converted to a bow to reflect the fashion of the time. Since then, she’s picked up on Christian Dior’s New Look revolution, Madonna’s style, and at Rock the Dots, Christian Siriano’s design! She has also continued to collaborate with major fashion industry players—now including Kate Spade.


Minnie is a feminine, spirited, and versatile character, presenting a passion for life and adventure. Her style is a true representation of that character, so we can’t think of a more perfect combination than Minnie Mouse and Kate Spade!

The Kate Spade New York For Minnie Mouse Collection is available in stores and online now.



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Posted 5 years Ago
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