Fab Jewelry Inspired by The Golden Girls

When it comes to The Golden Girls‘ jewelry, two attributes reign supreme: size, and gold. 

Our favorite ladies were constantly rocking the most intricate, large, sparkly broaches and earrings, with a cardigan or oversized sweatshirt, and making it all look effortless.

We took a deep dive into stills from the show to learn some lessons from their expert statement-necklace wearing, then we perused our favorite stores to find all of The Golden Girls-inspired baubles we need to add to our collections right now. Check out our list below for earrings, broaches, and necklaces that would be Dorothy, Sophia, Blanche, and Rose-approved.

Mega Necklaces

Golden Girls group shot

The girls always wore very conservative silhouettes; blouses, shirt dresses, menswear-inspired coats, and lots of layers. They broke up all of that volume and tradition with sparkle—especially in the necklace department.


These necklaces from our pals at Forever 21 are all big in volume, plenty shiny, and have the geometric elements usually favored by Blanche, Rose, and Dorothy.

Golden girls jewelry 1

This necklace is super geometric and makes a big statement, but without being too colorful or flowery. (Forever 21)



For a layered look, a-la Rose in the photo above, this necklace from Urban Outfitters has two strands in one necklace.


Golden girls jewelry 4

If you don’t want a long necklace getting in the way, you can always skimp on necklace length, but never hold back on the gold! (Forever 21)


Earrings for Days

Golden Girls

The girls favored chandelier earrings, the longer and more diamond-filled the better. We found some options that you can pull-off in a more casual setting:

Golden girls jewelry 5

Blanche especially liked earrings with unusual shapes. (Forever 21)


Golden girls jewelry 6

Want lengthy earrings without too much sparkle? These gold globes from Forever 21 are simple, but still very loud. (Forever 21)


Golden girls jewelry 2

When in doubt, choose something classic. (Forever 21)


Golden girls jewelry 8

This set looks like something we could “borrow” from our mom or grandma. So chic. (Forever 21)


Golden girls jewelry 9

This set is perfect; it mirrors the geometric shapes of Blanche’s earrings, but still adds some pearls to keep the look classic. (Forever 21)


Go Broach


We’ve already espoused the wonder of styling with your Disney pin collections, but if you want to take your pin game a step further, you need to get to Golden Girls level: cameos and lapel pins. They are classic and will never go out of style, just like the girls themselves.


Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 4.41.53 PM

You can find amazing vintage lady broaches and cameos at vintage or antique stores. If you don’t feel like looking too hard, we found this one at Kohl’s!

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 4.45.37 PM

True grandma chic can always be found in pearls. This pearly and sparkly broach is from Lord and Taylor, and we can just picture Sophia wearing it on her cardigan.

Posted 4 years Ago
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