13 Disney Gifts For Your Boyfriend That Are Secretly For Yourself

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Whether or not your boyfriend is as big of a Disney fan as you are, simply doesn’t matter. If he likes you, and you like all things Disney, then like it or not, he’ll catch on to your Disney fashion. All of a sudden, a classic Mickey T-shirt becomes his wardrobe staple, or a Star Wars notebook serves as the perfect home to his doodles.


We’re not new to the gifting game. We know that sometimes it’s hard to resist getting something that surreptitiously benefits yourself, too. There are so many Disney products out there that make great gifts for him, that realistically, we might want for ourselves. So, next time you go to Target and think, “I really want that Mickey waffle maker but I don’t really need it,” think of what a nice gift it would be for your special someone! It says, “I recognize your love of waffles,” but secretly it says, “I wanted Disney as part of breakfast, so I bought this for us.” So, we gathered some of the best gifts for him that even he knows are secretly for you:



Posted 4 years Ago
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