What Your Disney Channel Fashion Muse Says About You

There’s something about our favorite Disney Channel stars that makes us love them. For some, it’s their personality, quirky family, or oddly similar lifestyles. For others, it’s their perfectly permed hair, new stain of lip gloss, or ability to put together the most incredible outfits. Let’s dissect what your love of these Disney Channel stars says about you.


Ren Stevens


If Ren Stevens is your favorite Disney Channel blast from the past, we’re guessing you probably relate to her. Ren was a Type-A bookworm whose annoying little brother always seemed to throw off her groove of perfection. If she’s your style muse, you’re likely one to dress timelessly, in mid-length skirts and silk blouses. You wear flats and pumps most of the time, because sandals are just too casual unless you’re at the beach. While you’re an old soul, you don’t mind breaking out of your shell every so often to have a little fun.


Lizzie McGuire


Lizzie mastered the mixing of styles to create her own unique fashion. While one day she rocked a grungy hipster look, the next she went for full-on Parisian style. If she’s your favorite fashion muse, you aren’t afraid to take a fashion risk; as a matter of fact, you don’t even consider risks. Everything is easy in your wardrobe. You have confidence in your wardrobe, but the rest of your life is still being worked out.


Raven Baxter 


If Raven’s style is your favorite you’ve got the pizzazz and positive energy people envy. You’re the creative type whose major goal in life is to stand out. People notice you, and you love it. You go girl!


Kim Possible

Kim-Possible Theme 3

Kim Possible might be known for her signature outfit, but let’s face it, it’s the best! She obviously predicted the return of the crop top, so she’s definitely one to look to as a style muse. If she’s your favorite, you’re probably adventurous, determined, and ready for action. You hang out with the boys and out-do them in pretty much everything. To describe you in one word: fierce.


Maya Hart


Maya Hart has that “bad girl” look to her wardrobe, but we all know she’s not the punked-out girl she dresses up to be. (Look at those boots!) If she’s your Disney Channel style icon, you might act overly confident, but are actually quite vulnerable. You’re loyal to your friends, as they are to you, and that’s the most valuable relationship in your life.

Posted 3 years Ago
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