Disney Style Spotlight: Color Me Courtney

As Disney Style editors, we’re always on the lookout for Disney fans who have great style. Whether we’re scouting in the Park or on social media, when we find someone who elevates park style to another level, we definitely take notice.


Courtney Quinn, a style blogger from New York City, has quickly become one of our favorites in the fashion space. Her style is colorful, whimsical, and most important, fun. She never takes herself or her fashion too seriously, which we absolutely adore. Courtney is a huge Disney fan, so when we found out she was taking a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth, we of course had to know what she wearing. We had a chance to chat with Courtney about all things Disneyland, and how Disney influences her carefree, unique style.

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What were some of your favorite things you did while you were at Disneyland? 

Surprisingly, my favorite parts of Disneyland have never been the attractions. For me, it’s all about the ambiance! I just love the little things like visiting Main Street, U.S.A., eating a corn dog while wandering through Adventureland, or waiving to Minnie Mouse from across the park!



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Can you walk us through each of your outfits and tell us how you put them together? 

Of course! I was traveling from NYC and I didn’t want to check a bag, so I picked a color scheme before I even started packing! Since I’m a big fan of Mickey and Minnie, I went with black, white, and red, with pops of yellow. Since it is a colder time of the year, but it’s also LA, I went with over the knee boots to give me that “cold weather” feeling without having to go full on winter wear!

From there, I just worked with cool graphic tees and paired them with darling mini skirts. These outfits were both comfortable and cute, all while being weather appropriate. The best part about LA is these looks would work all year long. You can just replace my boots with sneakers and you’re good to go—oh and if you don’t love the idea of spending a day in a skirt, swap it out for jeans or shorts! My finishing touch for my looks were pops of red, like a red lip, red backpack, red nails and so much more!


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What are some things you always have with you when you’re at the Parks?

I carried a backpack all through the Parks, because I wanted to be hand free for dancing and churros, of course. It’s the easiest way to carry everything you need. In addition to my trusty camera with a wifi SD card that lets me get the photos off my camera and on to my phone on the spot, because #Instagram, you’ll find multiple portable chargers for my ever-dying iPhone (I have to Snapchat and capture every moment, so I drain my battery). I also bring sunglasses—because California is bright, gum, a water bottle, my wallet and lipstick so you can reapply after your pretzel. You don’t need much else, and anything you forget you can luckily get in the Park!


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What do you love about Disneyland? 

I love the ambiance of Disneyland and how it makes you feel! You really get to be a carefree kid again, especially when you’re there with your childhood best friends like I was. There is just so much joy there and I always have a blast.


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How does Disney influence your style? 

When I’m in Disneyland I want to have a blast, but also look good doing it. I always want to be able to add a touch of whimsy or magic into every look. I look to Disney to help me do just that!

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