14 Fun Fashion Facts from Disney Pixar Films

No matter how many times we watch a film, it’s impossible to know everything about it. There are fun facts within scenes, about characters, or from production that make it nearly impossible to know it all. While Oh My Disney put together some Pixar fun facts here, we’ve narrowed down some of the best fashion-related facts for our style-savvy followers.


Toy Story 2  ToyStory1421. Prospector’s handkerchief is the same fabric as Woody’s shirt.

2. Jessie and Woody wear the same belt and have the same buttons.

3. Andy’s cowboy camp t-shirt is from “Triple R Ranch”, which is the name of the ranch from the “Sid and Marty” TV series on The Mickey Mouse Club.


The Incredibles

Incredibles81. Well over 100 garments were made for The Incredibles.

2. Dash’s tennis shoes were inspired by “Red Ball Jets,” which were popular sneakers in the 1950’s.


Toy Story 3Welcome to Sunnyside, Toy Story 3

1. At Sunnyside Daycare, the troll dolls are wearing handmade felt clothes made of the same design as those made by director, Lee Unkrich’s wife, Laura, for her own troll dolls as a child.

2. Ken wears 21 different outfits in the movie, making him the most fashionable character in the film.

3. It appears Sid, from Toy Story, only has one shirt, as he appears again in his skull printed shirt. (We’re claiming him as the least fashionable character.)




1. Muntz’s jacket is the first time in Pixar history where a cloth garment is made of fur. (No CG animals were harmed.)

2. The aviator cap is worn eight times in the movie.

3. Russell has badges for 2D Animation, Toe Touching, and Knot Tying on his vest.




1. Merida has 22 different costumes and 5 different hairstyles.

2. If Merida straightened her hair, it would be 4 feet long and reach the middle of her calf.

3. Technical tailors built 3D garments in the computer based on sketches provided by the art department. The 3D garments were then “sewn” together digitally and garnished with extra frills and details. Now that’s technical design!


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