8 Style Tips Only Lizzie McGuire Fans Will Understand

Face it, there was a point in your life when all you wanted was to be Lizzie McGuire. She had the coolest hair, the most stylish outfits, and pushed TV fashion boundaries you could only dream of succeeding in real life. True fans of Lizzie McGuire were inspired to dye the tips of their hair, wear flashy sequined boas, and mix and match patterns in their outfits. Whether or not the trends work now is irrelevant, because the styles from the show were spot on at the time.


  1. A newsboy hat is an accessory that ties your whole outfit together.

Disney Things- Lizzie McGuire

2. When possible, match your hair to your outfit.

Lizzie McGuire Squad

3. A choker is a style that will always come back.

Lizzie McGuire_HeaderImage

4. A loose bun is only complete with sparkly chopsticks.

Lizzie McGuire Hair_Chopsticks

5. Bandanas are a chic way to change your hairstyle up.

Lizzie McGuire_6

6. Break up a classic preppy school girl look with … a tasseled hip pouch?

Lizzie McGuire_12

7. Mini buns with overalls forever.

Lizzie McGuire Tie Dying

8. No matter what your style is, be confident and fabulous.

Lizzie McGuire Style

Posted 4 years Ago
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