9 Tips for Styling Your Disney Pins

16 years ago today, pin trading was officially introduced at the Disneyland Resort. The pin craze, which started just a year before in Walt Disney World, has become a beloved and stylish hobby for Disney fans. Whether you love to collect them, trade them, or buy one every so often, Disney pins have always been the perfect way to add a bit of magic to any ensemble.

It just so happens though that pins are having quite the fashion moment as of late. From street style to runway, fashion fans have been adding quirky, cute pins a.k.a. flair to their outfits and accessories. It’s a trend we can definitely get behind, because our Disney pin collections were made for styling this way.

We enlisted the help of expert flair styler and style blogger Courtney, to show you how to take your pins from your lanyard to your outfits.


 1. Tell a story – Grouping similar pins of a series together (in this case, we mixed Star Wars: The Force Awakens pins with a limited edition Valentine’s Day pin of Han and Lea from The Empire Strikes Back) helps create a visual story that’s attention grabbing.

Flair Shoot Star Wars


2. The more the better – The best flair looks have lots of pins involved, so don’t be afraid to add as many as you want on.



3. It’s all in the details – Find pins that speak to your unique Disney interests. When we spotted these Han and Leia pins at Disneyland, we just had to have it, because it’s our favorite quote from the Star Wars films.

Flair Shoot Han and Leia


4. Spread them out – Instead of putting all your pins on one side, pick a few to put on each side of a denim jacket. Make sure to not group them all the same way to add variety.

Flair Shoot Jean Jacket 4


5. Go denim on denim – Like Courtney, we love pairing our jean jackets with other denim ensembles like this light denim dress. You can even pin some of your pins to the dress too!

Flair Shoot Jean Jacket 3


6. Mix and match – Don’t be afraid to incorporate other pins into your Disney look. Whether their vintage or something you found at a cool shop online, use whatever pins speak to you.

Flair Shoot Jean Jacket 2 Flair Shoot Jean Jacket


7. Think outside the box (or jacket) – Your jean jacket is the only place to your pins. How about a pair of denim overalls? It’s a fun way to include to fashion trends in one outfit.

Flair Shoot Overalls 4


8. Cast your characters – For the best look, we chose to stick to character pins rather than attraction pins. They tend to be more simplified in shape and can be paired together easier with other characters.

Flair Shoot Overalls 2


9. Try different layouts – Instead of covering your overalls in pins, take Courtney’s approach and arrange them in an angular fashion. We also loved that she pinned the EVE pin on her overall strap.

Flair Shoot Overalls 3


How do you like to style your Disney pins? Tell us in the comments below!

Posted 5 years Ago
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