The History of the Peter Pan Collar

Happy PANniversary! See what we did there? On February 5, 1953, Peter Pan was released in theaters and is one of our favorite animated classics. But its original story, by J.M Barrie, was written for a Broadway play: Peter Pan or The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up, in December 1904.

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The play starred an American actress named Maude Adams, who became a wildly successful performer for her time. The audience loved the play, but what resonated in fashion at the time was Maude’s adorable personality and unique costume. While the base of the costume was intended to have a leafy camouflaged look, the neckline was adorned with a polished, flat, rounded collar with points that met at the front. What was known as the “Peter Pan collar” became a popular design addition to fashion in the United States and United Kingdom, and quickly became a popular collar style around the world.

The eponymous collar inspired decades of fashion, and is still incorporated in fashion-forward styles today. It now comes on garments in shorter, wider, inlayed, and embellished patterns. In the past few years, it has even made its way into contemporary jewelry, worn as a necklace over a collarless shirt. Take a look at some of our favorite styles of today:




Posted 4 years Ago
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